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Savory Crab & Artichoke Dip


Dec 14, 2014

Elegant and Savory Crab & Artichoke Dip

I don’t know about you but I need an extra day in my weekend! Our estate sale in San Mateo was a hit. It was the last sale of the 2014 and after looking through my calendar I calculated that it was the 55th sale of the year. Pretty amazing right! That is over one estate sale or estate liquidation per week. Comparing to last year we grew by 25% so that is exciting.  The most exciting part is that we grew in the right way with better projects, better relationships, and a larger and more professional staff.

In addition to the estate sale over the weekend I had a little fun too!  My husband’s holiday work party was held at the USS Hornet Museum in Alameda and it was really neat.  We took advantage of the great food, cocktails, and tours throughout the ship.  I’m looking forward to going back someday for a more detailed look.  For food they went over the top with sushi bars, donut stations, and deep-fried olives being a few of my favorite things.  Many of Chris’ coworkers had heard my article being in the Huffington Post last week so it was fun to chat about that and celebrate a little bit.  I think I’ll be on cloud 9 for a while!

The holidays really give us the excuse to go over the top, try new things, and splurge a little on our family and friends so in honor of that I’m sharing a really yummy and very savory crab and artichoke dip appetizer that will wow your guests this Christmas.  I gave it a whirl on Thanksgiving and it was a hit! I made mine with fresh lump crab that was cooked and cleaned at my local grocery store.  You could go with the imitation stuff to save some bucks but I wouldn’t recommend it.  It’s so much better to get large chunks here and there and the real stuff really punches up the flavor. Continue Reading »

Labor Day Recipe: Easy Peasy 4 Ingredient Appetizer


Aug 19, 2014

4 Piece Appetizer
The last three day weekend of the summer is coming up quick so why not throw a get together to say au revior the season? For this Labor Day weekend I got a fool proof appetizer recipe!

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Beer Cheese Fondue


Dec 31, 2013

Beer Cheese Fondue

New Year’s Eve has always been a low-key holiday for me.  I like to stay home and enjoy yummy snacks, champagne, and watch the ball drop.  The best part about living in California is that you can see the ball drop in NYC at 9pm. It’s kind of cheating, but it’s great to get to go to bed early! (Yes, I’m an old lady!)

I made this amazing beer cheese fondue on Christmas Day and I might have to make it again tonight!  It is SO good!  I wanted to share the recipe with you just in case you were looking for something special to make tonight or tomorrow during the Rose Bowl.

Can you believe this picture was on Christmas Day? It was 65 degrees and sunny so we decided to have a picnic in the back yard, so fun! I served the fondue with a chilled white wine and a mixed green salad.

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November in Review


Nov 29, 2013

Kuzak's Closet November in Review

Where did November go? Thanksgiving has passed and we’re plowing full-force into the December holiday season. Orange and brown hues have disappeared from the shelves at my local stores and been replaced with an explosion of red’s and green’s. I love it!

Today’s post is a review of the super busy month of November. This month has really shown the diversity of the projects that my team at Kuzak’s Closet are tackling; great closet and garage organization projects, a full house relocation and un-pack, estate inventory, several estate sales and liquidations, DIY events, a book release and so much more!!

December is looking pretty packed but I am taking some time to visit family, which will be fantastic and I am looking forward to a break. We managed to squeeze two estate sales into December so be on the lookout for those updates and I am bringing back the Holiday Decor Week from last year that was so much fun. I love to see everyone’s different decorations and hear about the holiday traditions of my family and friends. Continue Reading »

Healthy Homemade Tailgate Dip Trio


Sep 22, 2013

Kuzak's Closet

I’ve been on The Plan (a low inflammatory diet) for the last 45+ days and I’m loving it.  It starts with a 3 day cleanse which is followed by a regimented 20 day meal plan.  I know it sounds terrible but it’s worth it in the end.  Once the 20 days is up it’s up to you to take what you’ve learned and create a lifestyle from it.

I was a bit worried that it would cut into my tailgate treat obsession but I’ve learned to work new healthy recipes into my lifestyle.   The changes that I’ve made to my diet have made a world of difference.  I feel so much more energized, more positive, and as a bonus I’ve lost 10 pounds.  It’s also helped with my endometriosis which is a lifesaver.

Enough about the diet, and on to the delicious dip trio that brought you to this blog post in the first place.  I hosted a little football gathering a few weeks ago and I wanted to make appetizers that I could enjoy on my diet and that our friends would also love.  It’s harder than you think to find healthy appetizers online, even I am guilty of posting too good to be true apps during Kuzak’s Closet Touchdown Week posts in the past!

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Faux Fried Pickles


Feb 1, 2013

Faux Fried Pickles


I spent countless nights with my Alma College pals at the Braveheart Pub sipping on beers and snacking on fried pickles.  Let’s be honest, back then I could get away with it because I spent all of my free time on the treadmill in the rec center.  Now that I am 31, almost 32 (yikes) I just can’t keep up and no matter how much exercise I get during the day my metabolism just doesn’t want to cooperate.

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Snowman Pastry Puffs


Jan 3, 2013

In the Kitchen

Snowman Pastry Puffs-2

I had puff pastry leftover from my turkey pot pies last week so I decided to try these easy puff pastry appetizers over New Year’s weekend.  They were cute little guys and were yummy right out of the oven, perfect for a warm dip or a bowl of soup.  I used snowman cookies cutters to put them into a festive shape for January but you could use any shape that you want.

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