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Inside an Estate Shopper’s Home: Featuring Mid-Century Modern and More!


Nov 20, 2014

Kuzak's Closet Estate Sale Design

Shopping vintage can always be a little intimidating. With so many unique items to pick from, figuring out not only what something might be worth but deciding what fits within your style as well, can make quiet challenging. Showing you how to take such items and incorporating them into your own design, today we show you how a newbie vintage shopper has styled a mid century dining room table, an Afghan woven rug and an antique steamer trunk, all bought at Kuzak’s Closet estate sales, into her space.

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Day in the Life: Estate Liquidation


Nov 9, 2014

Kuzak's Closet Liquidation Phase 1 Set-Up

This week while Amanda was away on vacation the team decided it would be fun to document a Day in the Life at one of our Estate Liquidations in Los Altos. Kuzak’s Closet has offered Estate Liquidation services ever since Amanda started her business, but only within the last year has the service included a private sale – and they are so fun! What is the general criteria for a Kuzak’s Closet Estate Liquidation? Time crunch, partial contents of a house and everything must go – all in 1 day! The private sale is like a treasure hunt and advertised via our eList so click HERE to be added.

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2 Organized Custom Closets with Before & Afters


Sep 14, 2014

I tackled this organizing project a few weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to put together this blog post featuring the closet before and afters.  I originally started this custom closet project during a relocation that we helped a family with in June.  After unpacking and organizing the kids’ closets I suggested that they replace the current system with a custom cabinet system from Valet. Both kids needed more storage and a system that they can grow into, plus the closets needed a luxury touch to match the style of the home.  You’ll see what I mean in the before and afters.

Kuzak's Closet Organizing Teen Closet with Before and Afters

When I help manage a custom closet project with Valet I work with the client to sort and purge the space.  I manage the prep process (pulling out the existing system, patching and painting, etc.), and then on installation day once the cabinets are installed I start my organizing magic. For this project I was hoping to have Taylor’s help but we’ve been so busy she had to manage a different project on the same day.  My entire team has been stretched thin lately, I’m hoping we can catch up soon!

This first closet belongs to a high school girl.  She is very active with sports and loves fashion so it was important to organize everything so it would be logical and visible at the same time.  Like many high school kids in Silicon Valley she has a crazy schedule and I know the closet won’t stay perfectly organized but I’m hoping she will make time each day to put things in their place.  She and I will work together in the future for maintenance and purging so the space can stay under control. Continue Reading »

Estate Decor Style: Vintage to Vogue


Sep 1, 2014

Kuzak's Closet Estate Sale Vintage To Vogue Furniture

Interior home design can be challenging and expensive. Yet refurbishing and refinishing vintage furniture is a great way to not only bring a one-of-a kind piece home but also buy a quality item at a bargain. Taking inspiration from Pintrest, we show you three ways to bring some this week’s Mountain View estate sale furniture from vintage to vogue for Fall.

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Organized Laundry Room with Before and Afters


May 27, 2014

Kuzak's Closet Organized Laundry Room

There is something so refreshing about a clean and organized laundry room. I love it when all of the household cleaning products are physically and visually accessible.  Today I am sharing before and afters from a recent laundry room transformation.  For this project it was all about making things visible and clutter free so that all of the “users” in the home could use the space efficiently and maintain it.  My client has 5 kids ranging from the mid-twenties to early thirties and they are always finding a reason to drop by their childhood home to do a load of laundry or grab a bite to eat. 


My client’s biggest complaint about the space during our initial consultation was that it wasn’t pretty. She said it didn’t feel like part of their home.  It’s the first room people see when they come to the home and the last room they see when they leave. I suggested that we remove the existing cabinetry because it was difficult to access and hardly being utilized.  I wanted to take advantage of the vertical wall space for storage so I arranged for a handyman to come and install simple melamine shelving.  We created a storage plan based on a quick inventory of the items she was currently using/storing.  While he was there he also gave the walls, trim, and ceiling a fresh coat of paint, it made quite the difference!  The space is so much brighter and inviting, makes you want to throw in a load of laundry doesn’t it? Continue Reading »

Shopaholic Master Bedroom & Bathroom Makeover


Apr 21, 2014

Jodie Bedroom Makeover

Thank you all for liking, sharing, and commenting on Friday’s organized closet reveal.   My client has worked so hard on this project and it’s great for her to see your feedback!  Today I’m revealing the rest of her master bedroom and bathroom, you’ll be AMAZED at the before and afters. The space is so fresh, organized, and clutter free.  Kuzak’s Closet role in the project was to help design the closet, pack up and declutter the space, unpack and organize the space, and shop for organizing products and accessories. Continue Reading »

Shopaholic Closet Transformation


Apr 18, 2014

Kuzak's Closet Master Closet Makeover

Today I’m sharing one of the most exciting organizing projects that I’ve worked on this year!  Do you remember my shopaholic client that I featured on the blog last year?  If you aren’t familiar click here to read more about her shopping addiction and how letting go has helped her enjoy what she has.

We just completed a master bedroom and bathroom transformation with her that turned out beautifully.  She decided to spend money on in a way that will enhance her life instead of wasting it on endless online purchases. We partnered up with her financial coach Tari Vickery, an interior designer, and a fabulous contractor to make everything happen.  We packed up the room in early January and after 12 weeks this is what her closet looks like… Continue Reading »

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