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Organized Laundry Room with Before and Afters


May 27, 2014

Kuzak's Closet Organized Laundry Room

There is something so refreshing about a clean and organized laundry room. I love it when all of the household cleaning products are physically and visually accessible.  Today I am sharing before and afters from a recent laundry room transformation.  For this project it was all about making things visible and clutter free so that all of the “users” in the home could use the space efficiently and maintain it.  My client has 5 kids ranging from the mid-twenties to early thirties and they are always finding a reason to drop by their childhood home to do a load of laundry or grab a bite to eat. 


My client’s biggest complaint about the space during our initial consultation was that it wasn’t pretty. She said it didn’t feel like part of their home.  It’s the first room people see when they come to the home and the last room they see when they leave. I suggested that we remove the existing cabinetry because it was difficult to access and hardly being utilized.  I wanted to take advantage of the vertical wall space for storage so I arranged for a handyman to come and install simple melamine shelving.  We created a storage plan based on a quick inventory of the items she was currently using/storing.  While he was there he also gave the walls, trim, and ceiling a fresh coat of paint, it made quite the difference!  The space is so much brighter and inviting, makes you want to throw in a load of laundry doesn’t it? Continue Reading »

Shopaholic Master Bedroom & Bathroom Makeover


Apr 21, 2014

Jodie Bedroom Makeover

Thank you all for liking, sharing, and commenting on Friday’s organized closet reveal.   My client has worked so hard on this project and it’s great for her to see your feedback!  Today I’m revealing the rest of her master bedroom and bathroom, you’ll be AMAZED at the before and afters. The space is so fresh, organized, and clutter free.  Kuzak’s Closet role in the project was to help design the closet, pack up and declutter the space, unpack and organize the space, and shop for organizing products and accessories. Continue Reading »

Shopaholic Closet Transformation


Apr 18, 2014

Kuzak's Closet Master Closet Makeover

Today I’m sharing one of the most exciting organizing projects that I’ve worked on this year!  Do you remember my shopaholic client that I featured on the blog last year?  If you aren’t familiar click here to read more about her shopping addiction and how letting go has helped her enjoy what she has.

We just completed a master bedroom and bathroom transformation with her that turned out beautifully.  She decided to spend money on in a way that will enhance her life instead of wasting it on endless online purchases. We partnered up with her financial coach Tari Vickery, an interior designer, and a fabulous contractor to make everything happen.  We packed up the room in early January and after 12 weeks this is what her closet looks like… Continue Reading »

Art Studio and Garage Organizing “Afters”


Mar 16, 2014

Organized Art Studio

If sharpened pencils, color coded construction paper, custom garage cabinets and labeled drawers make you happy than this post is for you! Disclaimer: there are no before and afters to help you feel better about your unorganized craft room or garage, just pretty pictures!

We’ll start with the art studio which is located in the back  of the garage. My client had the space finished with drywall and custom cabinets after we moved her in to her new home in October.  Taylor and I spent 2 days unpacking and organizing all of the garage items and loose ends from the move.

Continue Reading »

8 Weeks to Home Organization Bliss Wrap Up


Mar 3, 2014

PicMonkey Collage

As we head into the month of March I have just one question … have you stuck to your New Years Resolutions? In January I launched the 8 Weeks to Home Organization Bliss! series to help keep you inspired with my best tips, tricks and sample before & after pictures. I have been so pleased with the responses generated by readers and have shared a few below. In case you missed one of the posts, click the link below and please enjoy some before & after pictures and some of my favorite tips & tricks. And keep the questions, comments and ideas coming – I would love to hear from you!

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Teen Closet Tranformation


Feb 27, 2014

The blog has been overtaken with estate sale previews over the last 8 weeks and I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.  We are still organizing over here!  Today I wanted to share a project that we worked on last week with one of the teens from the National Charity League.  Last November I spoke to her local chapter about my home organization business and the 6 steps I follow at each session. At the end I gave away a 4 hour bedroom organizing session and she was the winner.

Working with kids, especially teenage girls is one of my favorite organizing projects to work on.  It is such a great opportunity to help them transform their rooms and teach them valuable organizing skills that they can use for the rest of their lives!

Kuzak's Closet Teen Closet Organization Continue Reading »

8 Weeks to Home Organization Bliss: Week 8 – Command Center


Feb 24, 2014

Kuzak's Closet 8 Weeks to Home Organization Bliss! Home Command CenterAs I wrap up my series 8 Weeks to Home Organization Bliss! I am excited to share one of my all-time favorite tips – creating a Home Command Center. I have found that establishing one central location in the house for storing everyday, frequently used items like office supplies, a basket for mail, the home phone and files helps my clients save time and frustration.

With this week’s tips and pictures I hope you will be inspired to create or re-organize your own Home Command Center and I invite my readers to comment below with any questions or frustrations. If you have success I want to hear about that too! Check out the previous posts for 8 Weeks to Home Organization Bliss! including: Week 1 – Kitchen & Pantry, Week 2 – Kid’s Rooms & Playrooms, Week 3 – Closets, Week 4 – Bathrooms, Week 5 – Garage, Week 6 – Living Rooms and Week 7 – Paperwork & Home Office.

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