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An Organized Garage with TONS of Inspiration


Feb 2, 2015

Happy Monday my friends! I hope you have all recovered from your Superbowl festivities.  I honestly didn’t care to watch, I’m still holding out for the Detroit Lions to make it to a Superbowl one day to become a fan.  I know it will probably never happen but I need to stand by my team.  I spent the weekend relaxing for a change, it was nice to have two days off in a row.  Saturday we headed to Napa for the afternoon and Sunday my friend Larry came over for lunch and some light decorating at my house.  I have had a few lingering projects so he helped me hang some art and make some updates.  I know February is going to be one of those months that flies by so I wanted to make sure my home felt settled and relaxed when I have time to spend in it.

Kuzak's Closet Organized Garage with Custom Cabinets and Slat Wall

If you follow Kuzak’s Closet on social media you may have noticed that we spent a ton of time organizing garages in January.  We had a handful of custom cabinet installs and several maintenance sessions with current clients. I think January is a popular month to tackle garages because it is a resolution for most clients to tackle.  The garage often ends up as a dumping ground and an area that most of my clients are frustrated with.  Since we don’t have basements in California, storage is tight and people seeking organizing services with Kuzak’s Closet are dreaming of a functional, clean, organized garage that can serve as a multipurpose space.  Many clients are dreaming of storage, a possible parking space for their car, a workout room, or a play room for the kids.

Today I am giving you some inspiration to let you know that it is possible to have a garage that will achieve all of those goals.  We recently finished working on this gorgeous space in Menlo Park with a client who wanted a space that felt functional and organized.  She and her husband have two children and a very active lifestyle.  They recently completed a remodel and by the time it came to designing the garage they were burnt out on decisions and decided to wait a little bit before they came up with a plan.  I’m glad they did because that meant they were able to find out about Kuzak’s Closet and we were able to connect them with Valet Custom Cabinets, the company that we often partner with for beautiful spaces like this. Continue Reading »

Day In The Life: January 2015


Jan 29, 2015

It’s a new year and I am constantly reminded how much I love my job! Kuzak’s Closet is booming and I can’t wait to see where 2015 will take the company! With all of the exciting projects going on I am trying to find balance and continue to deliver my standard quality of service while delegating more and more duties to my staff. With the demand for services as high as it is I can only grow with the help of others.

January is always a busy month but this year we were booked out earlier than usual (starting last November).  We’ve had 2 great estate sales and an estate liquidation along with dozens of organizing sessions.  I am actually looking to expand my organizing staff so if you or someone you know if interested in a job please check out the job posting here.

Speaking of staffing, things have changed a bit with my current staff.  Al De La Rosa, one of my estate sale specialist has decided to retire after 2 years with the company.  We were all sad to see him go but happy for him to have more free time to pursue his passion and creativity at Alberto’s Garden Art.  Jennalynn Sallings, a very familiar face in the cashier seat at our estate sales is back after a 6 month hiatus. It’s been great to have her enthusiasm and spunk back!  Billy Save, my right hand man, had heart surgery in early December and much to my shock is already back at work.  He still needs to take it easy but we are glad to have his smile and his hauling expertise back on the job.

Today I am looking back at the highlights from January.  Organizing is my passion and I love to see before and afters, this year has already been full of them in both the home organizing services and the estate services.  Thank you all for being apart of the journey that I am on!

Kuzak's Closet Kitchen Organization

I’ve been in so many kitchens and closets so far this year I can’t keep them straight.  Taylor and I have been teaming up for most sessions so we can service more clients at a time.  She has been a great partner in crime and has turned into a great professional organizer.  Most days we have 2-3 projects going on so if I cannot manage something she picks up the pieces for me.  I’m lucky to have her and hope that I don’t burn her out too much before we can hire some additional help. Continue Reading »

Santa Cruz Craft Room Transformation


Jan 27, 2015

Kuzak's Closet Craft Heaven

Today’s before and after will either put a smile on your face (because the transformation is beautiful) or serve as an episode of “scared straight, this is your life.” Either way, I’m happy – HA! When this client contacted me I was knee-deep in a estate full of crafts and was oh, so tempted to tell her I was crafted out, but the more I listened to her specific needs the more I wanted to check it out. Our client is a artisan and teacher who has lost both of her legs and desperately needed a transformation of her work space that could not only be accessible, but encourage relaxation. Since I wasn’t sure I could find someone with the same bandwidth and vision as the Kuzak’s Closet team, I called Taylor and we headed to the beach (this project was in Santa Cruz).

Some of my peers feel that consultations are a waste of time, but I love them. How often does a stranger invite you into their home to look at their most disorganized living spaces that they wouldn’t even reveal to their best friends? Consultations are pretty awesome. Clients who request a consultation are willing to make change and are looking for guidance, why wouldn’t I take a peek? In some extremely rare cases I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel – but in most cases I do. For this particular project I had a vision for the final space as soon as I walked through the door.

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An Organized Home in Silicon Valley Part 2


Jan 8, 2015

I’m back today with part two of this week’s organizing inspiration! As I mentioned in Monday’s blog post, my goal for 2015 is to balance out the estate sale marketing with more beautiful spaces that my staff and I have organized.  In that post I shared gorgeous photos from a home that we have organized from top to bottom in Silicon Valley.  It started as a relocation project and over the last 6 months we have unpacked, fine-tuned, and maintained the space.  When I say “we” I am including my wonderful clients who have been involved for every step of the way.

Today I am going to give you a peek into their pantry, wine room, and laundry room. Let’s start in the pantry, the beautiful walk-in pantry.  My client designed this space with the idea that it would be used by family, house staff, and the occasional caterer.  The cabinetry turned out wonderful and the endless amount of space is such a perk.  Not only does it house all of the food and grocery staples, it also hosts the speciality small appliances like the soda stream, bread maker, food processor, etc.. In this space I wanted it to feel like a high-end grocery store so I added products like mesh wire baskets and ceramic topped canisters for a luxury look.

Kuzak's Closet Perfectly Organized Pantry

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Inside an Estate Shopper’s Home: Featuring Mid-Century Modern and More!


Nov 20, 2014

Kuzak's Closet Estate Sale Design

Shopping vintage can always be a little intimidating. With so many unique items to pick from, figuring out not only what something might be worth but deciding what fits within your style as well, can make quiet challenging. Showing you how to take such items and incorporating them into your own design, today we show you how a newbie vintage shopper has styled a mid century dining room table, an Afghan woven rug and an antique steamer trunk, all bought at Kuzak’s Closet estate sales, into her space.

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Day in the Life: Estate Liquidation


Nov 9, 2014

Kuzak's Closet Liquidation Phase 1 Set-Up

This week while Amanda was away on vacation the team decided it would be fun to document a Day in the Life at one of our Estate Liquidations in Los Altos. Kuzak’s Closet has offered Estate Liquidation services ever since Amanda started her business, but only within the last year has the service included a private sale – and they are so fun! What is the general criteria for a Kuzak’s Closet Estate Liquidation? Time crunch, partial contents of a house and everything must go – all in 1 day! The private sale is like a treasure hunt and advertised via our eList so click HERE to be added.

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2 Organized Custom Closets with Before & Afters


Sep 14, 2014

I tackled this organizing project a few weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to put together this blog post featuring the closet before and afters.  I originally started this custom closet project during a relocation that we helped a family with in June.  After unpacking and organizing the kids’ closets I suggested that they replace the current system with a custom cabinet system from Valet. Both kids needed more storage and a system that they can grow into, plus the closets needed a luxury touch to match the style of the home.  You’ll see what I mean in the before and afters.

Kuzak's Closet Organizing Teen Closet with Before and Afters

When I help manage a custom closet project with Valet I work with the client to sort and purge the space.  I manage the prep process (pulling out the existing system, patching and painting, etc.), and then on installation day once the cabinets are installed I start my organizing magic. For this project I was hoping to have Taylor’s help but we’ve been so busy she had to manage a different project on the same day.  My entire team has been stretched thin lately, I’m hoping we can catch up soon!

This first closet belongs to a high school girl.  She is very active with sports and loves fashion so it was important to organize everything so it would be logical and visible at the same time.  Like many high school kids in Silicon Valley she has a crazy schedule and I know the closet won’t stay perfectly organized but I’m hoping she will make time each day to put things in their place.  She and I will work together in the future for maintenance and purging so the space can stay under control. Continue Reading »

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