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Highlights From My Michigan Trip


Jul 25, 2014

TGIF my friends! It’s hard to believe another week has already flown by, before we know it the holidays will be here! It was great to see so many of you at our Mountain View estate sale yesterday!  You have all become my California family and I am so thankful for that!

Speaking of family, I flew to Michigan for a quick trip to visit family and friends last week.  I shared lots of pictures from my trip on Instagram and Facebook but today I wanted to share the highlights in a quick blog post.

Do you love seeing your parents home as much as I do? When I drive in the driveway of the house I grew up in I am instantly relaxed.  My parents built their house when my mom was pregnant with me 33 years ago.  It is beautifully organized and decorated (I must get that from my mom).

Kuzak's Closet Goes Home

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Jul 11, 2014

TGIF! I hope you all had a great 4th of July! Chris and I had a nice weekend with friends and it was great to relax and unwind.  Work is going really really well right now, the word about Kuzak’s Closet has really gotten out and we are having so much fun. I am happy to be in a place where I can pick and choose which projects that I work on and who I work with. We are helping the nicest people solve their organization and clutter problems everyday and it is so rewarding.

With all of the estate sale projects we have going on it’s hard to believe that we still have time for home organization clients.  I typically book sessions for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and we are currently booked into September. Taylor and I have been teaming up to tackle more of this type of work in a shorter period of time so new clients don’t have to wait so long, I apologize if you’ve contacted me and haven’t been able to get a session.  I am on the hunt for an organizer to add to my team, the right person will really help with scheduling.

Here are a few snippets from recent organizing projects. I love my job and the people who I work with. Having Taylor assist me with sessions has been a blast, we are on the same page and our clients love the efficiency that we can provide as a team.

Kuzak's Closet

Another major highlight to my year is winning Silicon Valley’s Best Blog for the 3rd year in a row.  The Mercury News sent a photographer to snap some pictures of the core of my team.  Monica, our marketing specialist helped style us for the shoot and the pictures turned out so nice.  Billy (back right) was so excited to be in the paper, he said he was going to send the picture to the King on Tonga! Let’s hope the King is impressed and invites us to organize his castle! Continue Reading »



Jun 18, 2014

I snapped this picture of Taylor on Sunday while we were cleaning up the Atherton estate sale and it totally cracks me up.  I feel like this picture truly illustrates how I feel right now…

Kuzak's Closet Day in the Life

I just wish I could take a nap for about a week! I’m sure everyone on my team feels the same way.  We’ve all been going non-stop and we have no choice but to adjust to this pace as the new normal.  Just when I think we can’t get any busier we do and we adapt to it.

The Atherton estate sale couldn’t have gone any better.  It was so well organized and staffed, I look at it as a true accomplishment of how far my estate business has grown and developed.  Kuzak’s Closet really is the best company in silicon valley to handle large projects like this and I am so proud of that! Continue Reading »



Jun 2, 2014

Our hike over the weekend in La Honda was just what the doctor ordered!  It was great to spend time in the woods gazing up at these beauties!

La Honda Hike

Instead of completing the 12 mile trek we did a nice 6 mile loop in the Pescadero Creek Park.  This was the view from the top, it looked like a postcard! Can you believe this is only 30 minutes from my house? Sometimes I forget that I live in heaven!

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Week in Review: Estate Liquidations, Organizing, and Fun!


May 23, 2014

TGIF my friends!  It’s been a very eventful week!  We had 3 estate liquidations, a handful of organizing sessions, and lots of fun (as always). We kicked off the week in San Jose for an estate liquidation for the nicest family.  They needed to get everything out of their parents house so it could be remodeled and then go on the market for sale.  When I promised them that we could complete their project in one day they were sold!

We opened the home up to members of our email list for 2 hours and then started the sorting process for the liquidation.  The home was empty and the trucks were loaded by 3pm, talk about success! We look like the Beverly Hillbillies when we drive away!  Each truck takes away a component of the home i.e. trash, recycling, donations, and sellable treasures.

Kuzak's Closet Day in the Life

At 3pm our day was only half over.  After the estate liquidation in San Jose we had to unload our trucks and head to San Carlos to get a head start on our next liquidation.  We were starving so Taylor and I grabbed a couple of pizzas for the crew while we were out shopping for packing supplies.  Can you believe the size of those pies? You can barely see Taylor under the pizza boxes!  Continue Reading »

King Kong Pizza


May 20, 2014

Yes, such thing exists.  We have been working so hard this week, it’s only Wednesday and my team has logged over 25 hours on client projects. We had a 14 hour day on Monday and in complete desperation for food Taylor and I decided to order pizza.  We had 7 people to feed so we decided to take the plunge and order 2 King Kongs from New York Pizza.   Let me tell you, I have NEVER seen a pizza this big!

I thought I was going to have to file a missing persons report for Taylor, I could barely see her under the pizza boxes!  The windows in the truck steamed up on our drive back to the project, I thought I was going to wet my pants.

King Kong Pizza

The only thing crazier than the giant pizzas is the giant pizza art that we found on Tuesday morning.  We left a few slices for our newest client who has a flare for creativity.  Instead of eating them he decided to create a master piece for us to admire.  It was the last thing I took off the walls in the house during the liquidation process, made me laugh all day! I love the napkin detail, strategic bites, and giant nails, it’s quite the sight!  Continue Reading »



May 8, 2014

Hey Hey! I haven’t been the best blogger this week so I thought I’d give you a quick recap of what I’ve been up to lately.

Last week this article was published about Kuzak’s Closet in the local Los Altos newspaper.  It was a great little writeup about our services and my recent blog award.  It was nice to hear from so many of my clients and estate sale shoppers that saw it and called me or emailed me to offer congratulations.  Some of my shoppers even cut it out and brought it to me, how nice!  I love my California community!

Kuzak's Closet Organizing Award

We have a relatively new craft shop in Los Altos called The Makery.  My friend Monica and I stopped in for some craft inspiration last week and introduced ourselves.  I’m hoping to partner up with them for an organizing or estate DIY event this summer, I’ll keep you posted.

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