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Emergency Preparedness Month: FEMA PrepareAthon 2014


Sep 19, 2014

September is Emergency Preparedness Month which means it’s time to replenish your emergency kit! If you don’t have an emergency kit, now is the time to get started. In the past I have shared how-to kits for your car, your home, and your pet (read here). This year I want to focus on helping you create an overall Emergency Plan for your home. I am providing a basic printable list to get your emergency kit started and I am also sharing disaster-specific resources to help you customize a personal plan for your families’ geographical needs.

Kuzak's Closet Emergency Kit List

Print Your Emergency Kit List HERE

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Orr Family Museum


Jul 28, 2014

Fun fact about me that you might not know…I come from a family of organized antique collectors that has a museum in North Branch Michigan.  The Museum is called The Orr Family Museum.  It’s a treasure in time, full of neat collections from my grandfather, my uncles, my great grandparents, and wonderful people from my mother’s hometown (she is an Orr).  I stopped in on my latest trip to Michigan and it really helped me make sense of where I am in my life.  I guess treasure hunting and repurposing antiques with my grandpa and my mom has gotten me to where I am today, a professional junker!

Orr Family Museum North Branch Michigan

The museum was donated to the village of North Branch by my family so it could be open to the public and enjoyed on a more regular basis.  My cousins help maintain it along with village volunteers.  I hope it has a long legacy but with a town as tiny as North Branch it can be a wonder. The Orr’s owned (and still own) a beautiful hardware store in North Branch so the museum is full of items that they sold/traded/stumbled upon throughout the years.  This post is more of a visual story so just take it all in… Continue Reading »

Highlights From My Michigan Trip


Jul 25, 2014

TGIF my friends! It’s hard to believe another week has already flown by, before we know it the holidays will be here! It was great to see so many of you at our Mountain View estate sale yesterday!  You have all become my California family and I am so thankful for that!

Speaking of family, I flew to Michigan for a quick trip to visit family and friends last week.  I shared lots of pictures from my trip on Instagram and Facebook but today I wanted to share the highlights in a quick blog post.

Do you love seeing your parents home as much as I do? When I drive in the driveway of the house I grew up in I am instantly relaxed.  My parents built their house when my mom was pregnant with me 33 years ago.  It is beautifully organized and decorated (I must get that from my mom).

Kuzak's Closet Goes Home

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Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Coincidence


Jun 29, 2014

Aren’t these girlies adorable! My sweet twin nieces just wrapped up the end of their kindergarten year, it’s hard to believe they’ll be first graders in the fall! They had their end of year dance recital a few weeks ago and I am just loving this darling costume.  If it looks familiar to you it might be because…

6ca22e40fc1257a1b387d53e132afd40I wore almost the SAME ONE when I was 6 years old! Itsy bitsy coincidence? I think not! This song was made for 6 year old dancers if you ask me! When my sister called me to let me know of the coincidence I totally cracked up.  Audrey and Lilly were excited because they have seen this throwback picture of me in the hallway at my parent’s house.  I took dance for about 8 years (you could never tell if you saw my moves) and this was one of my favorite costumes!

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Jun 18, 2014

I snapped this picture of Taylor on Sunday while we were cleaning up the Atherton estate sale and it totally cracks me up.  I feel like this picture truly illustrates how I feel right now…

Kuzak's Closet Day in the Life

I just wish I could take a nap for about a week! I’m sure everyone on my team feels the same way.  We’ve all been going non-stop and we have no choice but to adjust to this pace as the new normal.  Just when I think we can’t get any busier we do and we adapt to it.

The Atherton estate sale couldn’t have gone any better.  It was so well organized and staffed, I look at it as a true accomplishment of how far my estate business has grown and developed.  Kuzak’s Closet really is the best company in silicon valley to handle large projects like this and I am so proud of that! Continue Reading »

A New Nephew, Jackson Nicholas


Dec 27, 2012

Kuzak's Closet

Baby Jackson

My brother Nick and his wife Kelly welcomed their first baby in mid-October. They named him Jackson Nicholas and I finally got to meet him a few weeks ago. I made a quick trip to Charlotte NC to be apart of his baptism and I am so glad I was able to be apart of it. It seems like just yesterday my twin nieces were his age and now they are almost five, I know that time flies and even though we live across the country I don’t want to miss a beat!

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My Michigan Adventures


Nov 28, 2012

My Aunt Shelly and my cousins Sarah and Lindsey

I just returned to California from a wild trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving.  While we were home we had SO much fun and were able to catch up with tons of friends and family.

Our trip started off with a wedding, our friends Jason and Maggie tied the knot.  Jason is Chris’ last high school friend to get married so it was like a big class reunion for him.  My Aunt and Uncle were there so I was able to catch up with them and my cousins.  It was a fun night and I’m glad we could be apart of it.


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