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December in Review


Dec 30, 2013

Kuzak's Closet December in Review

December was another great month for Kuzak’s Closet and I am looking forward to popping open a bottle of champagne, saying thank you to 2013 and toasting a fantastic New Year! This month was busier than anticipated and today’s post is a recap of  some of my December projects; a speaking engagement, pictures from my visit home to Michigan, Holiday Decor Week featuring guest bloggers, an answer to a readers’ organizing question, two estate sales, the launch of our Meet the Team page and more!

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Top 13 of 2013


Dec 28, 2013

Kuzak's Closet Top 13 Posts of 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Our home was full of smiles and laughter all week with our friends in town from Chicago!  We worked on a few DIY projects during their visit so be on the lookout for some fun posts in early 2014!

Today’s post is short and sweet.  I wanted to do a quick recap of popular posts before the year is over. It’s always fun to look back at the blog stats to see which posts were post popular with all of you.  My organizing posts were a hit, along with some recipes, DIY, and estate sales. Thanks again for all your support, comments, and inspiration!

Enjoy a look at the top 13 posts from 2013 and let me know if you have any favorites that didn’t make the cut!

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Letter From a Reader


Dec 4, 2013

Letter from a Reader: Help me Maximize storage in my shared city apartment

Dear Kuzak’s Closet

Thank you so much for your patience and help! I’m really excited to be working with you and appreciate your time.

My girlfriend and I currently share our flat with 2 roommates and we are struggling with storage.  I took some photos today — it’s hard to believe this is what our room looks like even when it’s clean! As you can see, we’re doing a lot of piling in the corners, especially when we have backpacks to set down after work, etc.

Right now, the closet is so packed we can barely pull out dresses or shirts. We’ve done a decent job of pairing down and perhaps the space of the additional room (which will become available in a few months) will help with this.

My shoes and boots are living underneath my bed currently and are partially out-of-the-way.

As you can see near the window, we’ve put a desk there that’s not really accessible or useful, except to serve as a catch-all for other little items.

We would like your advice on how to maximize the space for storage, thanks again for your help!

In appreciation,


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Letter from a Reader


Jul 26, 2013

Kuzak's Closet Container Store Storage Ideas

Dear Amanda

I’m reaching out because I need your expert advise! We just moved into an awesome apt but can’t yet afford a proper armoire for clothing, ect. but I was wondering if in the meantime you could give me a tip on a cheap, organized way to store things (mainly clothing ) that has nowhere to go. I HATE clutter and I can’t stand looking at the pile along the wall in our bedroom anymore!

Thanks so very much,

Xoxoxooxxoxox Beth Continue Reading »

Letter From a Reader: Shoe Advice Please!


Jan 10, 2013

Kuzak's Closet

Dear Kuzak’s Closet-

I am in need of some new shoes.  What are you top 3 picks?  Hint–I desperately need a pair of black flats but have not found the right pair yet. Help!

P.S.-I love your fashion posts!

Thanks again!
Midwest Mom

Dear Midwest Mom,

Thank you so much for writing in!  Instead of sharing my top 3 picks I thought I would give you some great options in three categories of shoes that every girl should have in their closet.  I used a site called Polyvore to collect my favorites and all of the options are between $25-$100 per pair.


First I started with the black flats that you are looking for.  I would suggest having at least two pairs in your collection, one pair that is very classic and simple and another pair with some embellishments or design.  I really love the patent Nine West flats with the little bow and the Cole Haan pair in the top left corner are super comfy, I’ve tried them on myself.

Black Flats

Next you need neutral flats that will go with all of your colorful tops and prints.  I suggest a nude, silver, or gold depending on your style.  I love the nude pair with the gold toe, so cute for work or to dress up dark jeans.  I also want to order the DKNY pair on the bottom left ASAP, I love the detail on the toe!

Neutral Flats

And last you need FUN shoes that will make all of your basic tops and bottoms pop.  I am huge fan of adding color with flats, a little stripe or floral pattern goes a long way.  All of these options would look nice with slacks and skirts to work and jeans and basic tees on the weekends.

Fun Flats
I hope this advice helps!  If there is a pair that you love you can click on the shoe and it will show you where you can buy them.  Each pair is under $100 so have fun shopping!


Recent Reader Questions…


Jun 29, 2012

I love it when you ask me for organizing advice over email or on my facebook page.  Over the last 2 weeks I have heard lots of you asking questions and today I wanted to share the Q&As from two of my high school friends asking for help with their makeup storage and bathroom organization…

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Pantry Transformation from a Reader…


Mar 27, 2012

I love to organize and I know this may sound corny but I deeply believe that having an organized home is the foundation for success and happiness.  When you have control of your home you make better decisions on how to spend your time and money.

My blog is all inspiring my readers to get organized so nothing makes me happier than an email from one of them letting me know that one of my projects has inspired them to tackle a problem area within their home.  Last week I received an email from Learning Table letting me know that my recent storage transformation with sterilite bins inspired her to tackle her pantry.

“My pantry has been a mess for awhile, and I found myself buying grocery items I discovered I already had due to disorganization.  I finally got a bit of spring fever and decided to tackle the mess, and it took almost a whole day to do it.  I was inspired byKuzak’s Closet’s makeover using stackable bins, and I already had some on hand in other parts of the house.  I bought four more at Target, and I used them to store items that don’t stack or stand up well.  I put all my opened dry beans, chocolate chips, and pasta in mason jars, and all the cereal and kids snacks went into clear jars with snap top lids.  All the extra staples went on the top shelves, and I threw away anything with an expired date.  I keep thermoses, lunch bags, plastic cutlery, paper plates, etc. in my grandmama’s picnic baskets, and a floor mat my son made in art class brightens up the view when I open the doors. It makes me happy to look inside the pantry now, and it is much easier to plan meals knowing what I already have.”

I think her pantry looks great.  The sterilite bins group like items nicely and prevent them from slipping through the wire shelving.  She sorted things by like and kind and placed them neatly on the shelves.  I also love that she used airtight bins to store cereal and snacks, perfect!  I hope this project gets you inspired to tackle your pantry too!

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