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Tuscan Kale Chopped Salad


Feb 18, 2013


After my vacation to Maui I am in need of a big cleanse.  Last week I tried to eat as healthy as I could but still found myself in front of a margarita and a plate of fajitas on Friday night.  I made up for it on Saturday on a big hike with my friend Lori but I am not off the hook yet.

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, if it was up to me we would eat mac and cheese with potato chips on it for dinner every night.  Chris is really the one that pushed me to make healthy low carb dinner options.  As much as the idea pains me at first I’m thankful in the end that he is the pinacle of health.  He is willing to cook dinner during the week and some weeks I really rely on him to plan, shop, and cook. It is always fun to watch him in the kitchen because he has a big mess going and nothing timed right.  Instead of trying to control the situation I have learned that the only way he will learn better time management in the kitchen is by trial and error.  Hopefully after a few more trials he will start to understand how to time things and clean up as he cooks.

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Summer Salad Series Wrap Up


Sep 5, 2012

My husband Chris and I made a resolution to eat healthier dinners over the summer and to help keep us on track I decided to have a Summer Salad Series here on Kuzak’s Closet every Wednesday from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  It was an interesting project and I am so glad that I committed to blogging about it because it forced me to try a new recipe each and every week.

Summer Salad Series: Chipotle Steak Salad


Aug 29, 2012

Today I will be featuring the last salad in my Summer Salad Series.  I looked through all of my cookbooks and favorite online cooking sites for the perfect recipe to try.  There were a lot of steak salads out there but I decided that this chipotle steak salad from the Pioneer Woman would be the best one to try.  Her homemade chipotle dressing sounded perfect!  She makes a much bigger portion that we would need in our little two person household so I cut the recipe in half (except the marinade).  I hope you give it a try!

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Summer Salad Series: Vegetarian Chopped Salad


Aug 22, 2012

It’s Wednesday but it feels like it should be Friday!  Today I am sharing a vegetarian chopped salad for my summer salad series.  I found this recipe over on the Aida Mollencamp site.  If you’ve never been there you should hop over and check it out, lots of great recipes and photography.

I was looking for a fresh and easy salad, preferably vegetarian and this one looked like the perfect fit.  Plus I thought it would be fun to photograph all of the pretty colors.  The directions look lengthy but it is really just a lot of chopping which can be relaxing.

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Summer Salad Series: Orzo Salad


Aug 15, 2012

Today’s summer salad reminds me a little bit of the chickpea salad that I made a few weeks ago. This salad uses orzo, a pasta that I have not cooked with before.  It is similar looks similar to rice but has the texture of pasta.  The original recipe from My Recipes called for feta cheese but I decided to use Parmesan instead.  This would be an easy salad to pack for lunch and I think kids would like it too.

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Summer Salad Series: Blazing Buffalo Shrimp Salad


Aug 8, 2012

Sorry I didn’t post a salad last week for my Summer Salad Series but I was too busy wine tasting in Napa Valley, ha!  Today’s spicy salad will more than make up for my absence and I hope you give it a try!

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Summer Salad Series: Pasta Salad


Jul 25, 2012

Today my Summer Salad Series continues with a guest post from my sister Ashlie over at Brining Babies.  Our mom always had pasta salad in the fridge all summer long growing up.  She would use left over veggies and cheese and mix it with pasta she stocked up with on sale.  Today my sister is sharing her version on our family favorite, enjoy!

I love to make pasta salad in the summer.  It’s a perfect light summer meal or can also be a super side dish at all of your summer get-togethers.  Usually when I make it I go through my fridge to see what veggies and meats I can use up to create something tasty for my family.

I recently tried using the frozen cheese tortellini that you find in the freezer section at grocery stores and it was an instant hit with my girls.  I even sent this creation in their lunch boxes a time or two when I was packing daily for day-care.

Simple Pasta Salad 

1 package of frozen cheese tortellini–cooked and drained
1 large english cucumber sliced 
1 small container of cherry tomatoes quartered
Fresh dill to your liking
Italian dressing (I used 1/3 of a bottle)

Combine all ingredients and chill in refrigerator 3 hours before serving. Enjoy!

*Another combination that is also very yummy is the cheese tortellini, cooked and sliced up chicken, and ranch dressing tossed together. 

Thanks for filling in for me Ashlie!  I love pasta salad too!  The camera shop called and they can’t fix my camera but they will replace it with a new one so that is good news.  Hopefully that means I will be back with my own salad recipe next week.

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