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Day In The Life: November


Dec 1, 2014

Eleven down…1 to go! I’m happy to report that I survived November, it is the month when “worlds collide” at Kuzak’s Closet.  All of my organizing clients need organizing sessions before the holidays and the estate projects that come by way have to be handled before year-end.  I will admit that much of my survival is credited to a week-long trip to London during the first week of the month.  I packed my bags and left Taylor and Al in charge.  It’s no surprise that things were handled perfectly.

I left for my trip at the tail end of the Campbell tool sale, a huge project that was fun for the staff and also led us to hiring our latest team member, Yovan.  He is like a flash of lightning, always on the move and quick to help.  He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to recycling which is a key element to both facets of my business.  Aside from the Campbell tool sale we organized one of the most memorable estate sales of my career in Los Altos Hills.  I’ll talk more about that later in this post.

The first of November marked my 10 year anniversary of being a professional organizer and my 5 year anniversary of moving Kuzak’s Closet to California.  To reflect on the occasion I put together my top 5 secrets to success in Silicon Valley…here is #4, you can read the full post here. There is a rumor that my tips may be featured in a major publication by the end of this year so stay tuned for that!

Kuzak's Closet Secrets to Success

While I was away we partnered up with ModCloth for a fun fashion post about layering. It was perfect timing because the weather in California was just starting to get chilly.  I’ve been living in cardigans, scarves, and leggings and I couldn’t be happier.  Fall is the easiest time for me to shop and feel comfortable in my clothes.  Do you have a season that works best for you? Continue Reading »

Day In The Life


Oct 30, 2014

Another month down, its hard to believe we only have 2 months left before we close the books on 2014.  October was full of exciting things at Kuzak’s Closet and in my own personal life.  We had an event with a global brand, we held several estate sales and liquidations, we organized homes in Silicon Valley, and most importantly I made time to get away for a few days to visit my family.

I kicked off the month with a fall event at Kate Spade at Santana Row! I was so excited to partner up with them. I love their fashion and I thought it made sense to see how we could incorporate Kuzak’s Closet vintage style with their classy timeless looks. I was able to hit the store for a little modeling gig before the event, sharing some of my favorite pieces with all of you on the blog last month.  On the day of the event, my entire staff came to support. All of the gals even had a beauty day at DryBar and then we mingled with some of our friends and lots of new friendly faces.  It was a great experience and it really has encouraged me to branch out more in the future.  I think its really important to find new avenues to promote a business and brand, while having a good time, do you know what I mean?

Kuzak's Closet Kate Spade Event

It’s been my goal in 2014 to find more work-life balance.  I’m still a workaholic but thanks to my staff I have been able to take more time for myself, my friends and my family without feeling guilty.  For example, my friend Willem organized a fun day in Napa (he does this often but I typically can’t make it due to estate sale conflicts) and I made it a priority to go.  Chris and I met up with him and our other friends Leah and Jen for lunch. Then we did a few tastings before enjoying wonderful dinner together at Bottega in Yountville.

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While the Boss is Away…


Oct 24, 2014

Happy Friday folks! I’m up late writing this post after a long day of work.  We had an amazing estate liquidation in Palo Alto today and when the house was empty (at 4pm) I headed over to this weekend’s estate sale house to price and put on final touches. I came home to dinner on the table (thanks Chris) and about 4 hours of work to catch up on. Most people would just go to bed and put it off but I know that with the pace we are working I don’t have that option.

I still can’t believe we are on our 4th estate this week! My first year in California I only did 2 estate projects the entire year, man things have changed!  The next 8 weeks will be extra busy with clients that want to tackle organizing projects and estate projects before the year-end.  I always anticipate this so I took a much-needed week off last week to travel to Michigan and North Carolina for some milestone events in my family.  My dad celebrated a birthday, my granny turned 90, my nephew turned 2, and my newest niece was baptized.

Kuzak's Closet Family

Being the organizer that I am I coordinated making it to all of the events and I am so glad.  We started the trip in North Carolina and spent a few days with my brother Nick and his family and my brother Christopher. My sister also flew in for the weekend making  it the first time in 2 years that my siblings were all together.  My parents were so glad to get to spend time with us as a group and we had a lot of fun.  We cruised around Lake Norman on a pontoon boat, had drinks, shopped, and celebrated. Continue Reading »

Summer Travel Organization: Babies


Jul 18, 2014

Summer Organization Travel: Babies

Some of the best summer vacations involve spending much needed time with family. But getting you and your loved ones their can sometimes get a little hectic, especially if you are a new mom. For the last installment of the Summer Travel Organization series, Kuzak’s Closet and blogger Mira Torres from The Beauty Bohemian, talk about packing for a family and traveling with a baby.
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Summer Travel Organization: Beauty


Jul 16, 2014

Summer Travel Organization Beauty

Another key part of smart packing this summer season is organizing toiletries and makeup. For part two of our Summer Travel Organization Series, determining product size and streamlining a beauty routine are two essential things to learn for a stress-free packing experience.

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Summer Travel Organization: Style


Jul 15, 2014

Summer Travel Organization

Summer travel is always very exciting. Yet before the actual jet-setting fun, packing for a trip can potentially be very daunting and stressful. Thus this week in our summer travel series Kuzak’s Closet, along with expert guest bloggers, will be teaching organization tips for packing, while sharing this seasons must-pack trends and travel products. For our first post Kuzak’s Closet and Living In Vogue are talking style, helping you pack your vacation wardrobe.

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Vintage Summer Travel Style


Jul 8, 2014

summer travel vintage style

Whether its a weekend getaway or a destination vacation, travel is without a doubt one of the major highlights of summer. Consider adding a dash of vintage to your travel plans and bring some jet-setting style on your trip or back with you into your home.

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