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Summer Travel Organization: Babies


Jul 18, 2014

Summer Organization Travel: Babies

Some of the best summer vacations involve spending much needed time with family. But getting you and your loved ones their can sometimes get a little hectic, especially if you are a new mom. For the last installment of the Summer Travel Organization series, Kuzak’s Closet and blogger Mira Torres from The Beauty Bohemian, talk about packing for a family and traveling with a baby.
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Summer Travel Organization: Beauty


Jul 16, 2014

Summer Travel Organization Beauty

Another key part of smart packing this summer season is organizing toiletries and makeup. For part two of our Summer Travel Organization Series, determining product size and streamlining a beauty routine are two essential things to learn for a stress-free packing experience.

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Summer Travel Organization: Style


Jul 15, 2014

Summer Travel Organization

Summer travel is always very exciting. Yet before the actual jet-setting fun, packing for a trip can potentially be very daunting and stressful. Thus this week in our summer travel series Kuzak’s Closet, along with expert guest bloggers, will be teaching organization tips for packing, while sharing this seasons must-pack trends and travel products. For our first post Kuzak’s Closet and Living In Vogue are talking style, helping you pack your vacation wardrobe.

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Vintage Summer Travel Style


Jul 8, 2014

summer travel vintage style

Whether its a weekend getaway or a destination vacation, travel is without a doubt one of the major highlights of summer. Consider adding a dash of vintage to your travel plans and bring some jet-setting style on your trip or back with you into your home.

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Jun 18, 2014

I snapped this picture of Taylor on Sunday while we were cleaning up the Atherton estate sale and it totally cracks me up.  I feel like this picture truly illustrates how I feel right now…

Kuzak's Closet Day in the Life

I just wish I could take a nap for about a week! I’m sure everyone on my team feels the same way.  We’ve all been going non-stop and we have no choice but to adjust to this pace as the new normal.  Just when I think we can’t get any busier we do and we adapt to it.

The Atherton estate sale couldn’t have gone any better.  It was so well organized and staffed, I look at it as a true accomplishment of how far my estate business has grown and developed.  Kuzak’s Closet really is the best company in silicon valley to handle large projects like this and I am so proud of that! Continue Reading »

Maui Love


Feb 13, 2014

2014 Maui Vacation

Happy Friday!  I know many of your are stuck in a snow/ice storm this weekend so don’t hate me for sharing pics from my recent trip to Hawaii! Hopefully they warm you up!

It was so nice to get away for a week with my husband.  My business is non-stop from August through February and I have found that it is nice to catch my breath for a few days and take a rest.  We decided to go back to Maui after last year’s trip.  It is such a beautiful place and a relatively quick plane ride for us.

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Jun 14, 2013

Kuzak's Closet in Paris

It’s hard to believe that just last Friday I was in Paris!  After the great Evan Evans trip to Stonehenge, Bath, and Windsor Castle, I decided to sign up for their day trip to Paris.  I knew a day in such a beautiful city wouldn’t be enough but I thought it was worth it since I’d never been and who knows when I’ll make it to Europe again!

I met up with a guide at the Eurostar station in London to pick up my tickets and meet the rest of the group.  There were 9 of us total which was nice, it was fun to get to know everyone and I felt like I couldn’t get lost in a small group.   The train traveled over 180 miles per hour, getting us to Paris in just over 2 hours.  Once we arrived we met our official tour guide and hopped on a tour bus for a quick ride through the city.  It was like speed dating with the city of Paris, a new landmark appeared at each corner.  I couldn’t believe how HUGE all of the buildings and monuments were, especially considering most of them were built by Napoleon, a total shorty. The architecture was absolutely gorgeous and my view from the top of the tour bus gave me a great advantage for photos.

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