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Maui Love


Feb 13, 2014

2014 Maui Vacation

Happy Friday!  I know many of your are stuck in a snow/ice storm this weekend so don’t hate me for sharing pics from my recent trip to Hawaii! Hopefully they warm you up!

It was so nice to get away for a week with my husband.  My business is non-stop from August through February and I have found that it is nice to catch my breath for a few days and take a rest.  We decided to go back to Maui after last year’s trip.  It is such a beautiful place and a relatively quick plane ride for us.

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Jun 14, 2013

Kuzak's Closet in Paris

It’s hard to believe that just last Friday I was in Paris!  After the great Evan Evans trip to Stonehenge, Bath, and Windsor Castle, I decided to sign up for their day trip to Paris.  I knew a day in such a beautiful city wouldn’t be enough but I thought it was worth it since I’d never been and who knows when I’ll make it to Europe again!

I met up with a guide at the Eurostar station in London to pick up my tickets and meet the rest of the group.  There were 9 of us total which was nice, it was fun to get to know everyone and I felt like I couldn’t get lost in a small group.   The train traveled over 180 miles per hour, getting us to Paris in just over 2 hours.  Once we arrived we met our official tour guide and hopped on a tour bus for a quick ride through the city.  It was like speed dating with the city of Paris, a new landmark appeared at each corner.  I couldn’t believe how HUGE all of the buildings and monuments were, especially considering most of them were built by Napoleon, a total shorty. The architecture was absolutely gorgeous and my view from the top of the tour bus gave me a great advantage for photos.

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Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath England


Jun 13, 2013

Kuzak's Closet Stonehenge

Thanks for stopping by to check out my London highlights on Monday.  It really was a great trip!  I really wanted to see as much as possible while I was in England and because I was pretty much on my own during the week while my husband was attending a privacy summit for Google.  I decided to take a day tour with a company called Evan Evans.  I’ve always wanted to see Stonehenge and when I found out it was only two hours away I had to make the trip.  The tour that I signed up for actually visited three great places in one day, Stonehenge, the town to Bath where the historic Roman Baths are located and where Jane Austen grew up, and Windsor Castle, the Queen’s weekend retreat.

Today I’ll start with my photos from Stonehenge.  We drove through the English countryside to get to the historic site which was nice.  I had the front seat on the bus next to the tour guide (the perks of traveling alone) so I could see everything out of the big bus window.  The tour guide was great at pointing out historic homes and landmarks on the way.  I thought Stonehenge would be in a secluded area so I was surprised to see it was right near a busy road.  An older lady on the tour said “why would they build Stonehenge so close to the road?”, a question that I thought to be hysterical considering Stonehenge was built 3000B.C., way before roads were built.

Not until the 1970s did the country protect Stonehenge and make it a park with a little fence around the rocks.  Before then people were allowed to sit on the rocks and my tour guide said that he remembers going to Stonehenge for picnics as a little boy.  There are no hard facts surrounding why it was built but it sure was neat.  Here are some of my favorite pics…

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London Highlights


Jun 11, 2013

Kuzak's Closet London Trip 2013

I missed you all last week!  My husband had a conference in London and I decided to take the opportunity to travel with him.  We were lucky to have a few days together to explore the city before his busy schedule kicked in.  I took over 800 photos on the trip and today I am just sharing the highlights, please connect on Instagram, I posted dozens of pictures of the sites while I away.  We stayed at The Montague on the Garden Hotel and I can’t say enough great things about it, the concierge Jorge and all of the staff were amazing.  They really helped me organize my days.

There is a big market in Notting Hill on Saturday mornings called the Portobello Market, it is 2 miles of vendors selling antiques, food, clothing, etc..  I was hoping Hugh Grant would be selling the Notting Hill DVD but no luck! Ha! The antiques booths were fun, lots of neat small items.  I was surprised to see so many similar items to what I find and sell here in California like vintage cameras, silver, china patterns…

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Wawona, Giant Sequoias, & SF


May 14, 2013

Kuzak's Closet Yosemite Wawona

I’m sharing part II of our Yosemite trip and a few pictures from a day in San Francisco with my family.  Yesterday’s post featured pictures from our first two days at the National Park and today I am giving you a look at the historic Wawona Hotel and the giant Sequoias in the Mariposa Grove.

The hotel was about a forty minute drive up into the mountains from the valley floor.  We stopped to take pictures of the main structure and the cottages on the property and decided to stick around for lunch.  It was the best meal that we had during our three days at the park.  I had homemade tomato basil soup and a little bit of Chris’ roasted turkey club sandwich with avocado.

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May 13, 2013

I’m back to my normal routine this week after a fun week with my parents are older brother last week.  They stayed for 8 days and I had a jam-packed schedule for them.  Normally I let our guests relax but it was my brother’s first visit to California and he had a lot of sites on his wish list.  He wanted to see Pebble Beach, Carmel, Monterey Bay, Yosemite, Big Trees, Tahoe, and San Francisco and I tried my best to fit everything in.

Yosemite was definitely the highlight of the week, we spent 3 days at the National Park.  None of us had been there before and we couldn’t believe how beautiful and magical it is.  My pictures hardly capture how grand it really is, there is a stunning view around each bend and all of the waterfalls were running full force.  It really seemed surreal at times.

Because the park can be so busy this time of year I set up our reservations to stay back in January.  I did a lot of research and ended up finding a great room for us at Yosemite View Lodge.  We had a two room suite with two bathrooms a kitchen and a large balcony over the river.  The lodge had a nice restaurant where we had breakfast and dinner and we were able to pack a cooler with lunch goodies.  I would highly recommend staying at the lodge, it is just a few miles from the north gate of the park.

Yosemite View Lodge


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10 on 10: Yosemite


May 10, 2013

Kuzak's Closet Yosemite Tunnel View

I apologize for my blogging absence this week but I’ve been having fun with my family.  We spent the last 3 days hiking in Yosemite, covering over 20+ miles and enjoying gorgeous views.  It was ABSOUTLEY stunning and I can’t wait to go back!  Today I am only sharing 10 pictures for 10 on 10 over at A Bit of Sunshine but I’ll be back with more photos next week.  Here is a peek! Enjoy and I’ll be back on Monday!

Kuzak's Closet Yosemite

Kuzak's Closet Yosemite Tunnel View

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