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Hot or Not!?


Jun 12, 2013

Hot or Not Kuzak's Closet

My sister Ashlie and I are hosting a fun summer series called Hot or Not?!  Each week we are each reviewing 2 products letting you know if they are HOT (worth trying) or NOT (not worth trying).  The products will vary so make sure to tune in every week!  We really want to hear from you so please leave us a comment letting us know if there is a product you would like us to try or what your opinions of the products we are reviewing are.  Remember, you don’t have to agree with us!

We just decided to offer a fabulous giveaway with this series, at the end of the summer we will be giving a goodie box full of items that we thought were HOT and a cute Kuzak’s Closet t-shirt in your size!  All you need to do to enter is leave a comment!  We will keep track of the comments and at the end of the summer we will draw a lucky winner.  Each comment counts as an entry so please comment each week!  There are 13 weeks left which means you have 13 chances to win!  Good luck!

Ashlie’s Picks

My brother-in-law recently brought these little Bud Light Straw-ber-rita’s over to our house during a cookout.  The size of these little cans is perfect and the taste is great!  Not too sweet or syrupy.  I loved the simplicity of it and think this cocktail would be even better served over crushed ice! Give this product a try this summer! It’s HOT!

This is one product I really wanted to love! I mean what could be better than sipping a cocktail without the guilt? Skinnygirl Sangria was a bit to syrupy tasting for my liking and the aftertaste was not much better.  When watching your calories I suggest you sip one really good drink and make it worth you time and calories! This was a NOT for me. Sorry Skinnygirl!

Amanda’s Picks

Sterilite sent me these great food storage bowls and I am loving them!  They stack inside of each other nicely, keeping my cabinet organized when I am not using them.  Each bowl has a lid and a with a little spouted rim on the side for easy pouring or to fit a spoon for serving.  I have been using them to store sliced fruit, my greek quinoa salad, and to marinate meat and veggies for the grill.  They are dish washer safe and they also look nice enough to use as a serving dish at a picnic or party.  I think they are HOT and if you are in the market for extra prep/storage containers I encourage you to pick them up!


Lately my dishwasher has been giving me the blues.  All of my glasses have been coming out fogging and I have been looking for a solution to get them sparkling again.  I decided to try this Finish Dishwasher Cleaner, it promises to get rid of the grime and soap build up that is blocking the water from circulating.  I was hoping for great results but found myself  disappointed.  After one use I ran my glasses through on a hot cycle and they still came out foggy, almost worse than before.  Sorry Finish, your product is NOT HOT and would suggest saving your money if you have are also suffering from foggy dishes.  I am still looking for a solution, if you have a trick for a clean dishwasher let me know!


London Highlights


Jun 11, 2013

Kuzak's Closet London Trip 2013

I missed you all last week!  My husband had a conference in London and I decided to take the opportunity to travel with him.  We were lucky to have a few days together to explore the city before his busy schedule kicked in.  I took over 800 photos on the trip and today I am just sharing the highlights, please connect on Instagram, I posted dozens of pictures of the sites while I away.  We stayed at The Montague on the Garden Hotel and I can’t say enough great things about it, the concierge Jorge and all of the staff were amazing.  They really helped me organize my days.

There is a big market in Notting Hill on Saturday mornings called the Portobello Market, it is 2 miles of vendors selling antiques, food, clothing, etc..  I was hoping Hugh Grant would be selling the Notting Hill DVD but no luck! Ha! The antiques booths were fun, lots of neat small items.  I was surprised to see so many similar items to what I find and sell here in California like vintage cameras, silver, china patterns…

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March Sponsors


Mar 1, 2012

This month I have 3 wonderful sponsors!  Each one of them has a great story and service, please take a minute to check out their websites/facebook pages/blogs and say hello! If you are interested in sponsoring Kuzak’s Closet please email me today for pricing and specials!

Established in 1995, Rob McCarthy, owner of 101 Loan, has been practicing real  estate financing for over 20 years and is considered one of the top  mortgage brokers in the business with over 3000 closings and over $1  billion closed in loan volume.  In addition his support staff have also  been in the business for over 20 years each and is considered the best  of the best!  At 101 Loan, we not only help clients understand their financing options  long term and short term, we also have access to over 45 lender  resulting in the lowest rates, lowest fees and timely closings. Stop by our Yelp Page for a coupon for a free loan preapproval and say hi on Facebook.
 Your Weight Your Life

How would you define weight loss success? It’s usually described as the process of having lost weight. However, if someone loses weight only to gain it back again months or even weeks later, is that truly weight loss success?  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that at any given time, two-thirds of all American adults are trying to lose weight or prevent weight gain. However, only 5% of these individuals will be successful at keeping the weight off. So what happened to the other 95%? Those people were on a diet and diets don’t work. For true weight loss success you must make a lifestyle change. This requires learning what’s in the foods you eat and how some simple, sustainable changes can make all the difference.  A lifestyle change allows you to both lose weight and have the knowledge necessary to maintain that weight for a lifetime. At the end of the Your Weight Your Life program you’ll not only be on your way to the weight loss you want, but you’ll have the confidence you need to make sure it stays off for good. That is the true definition of weight loss success.  Stop by my website for a free consultation offer, we can work together locally or on Skype.  Become a fan on Facebook so you can keep up with our latest offers and videos and click here to subscribe to our free newsletter.

PowerFlare Corporation exists to create and build superior products for public safety professionals and related applications. The PowerFlare® Electronic Beacon was invented by an officer from a municipal police department in Silicon Valley with the objective of eliminating the danger, difficulty in use, and needless cost of old-fashioned road flares. PowerFlare Corporation’s experienced engineering team with expertise in mechanical design, electronics, and optics converted this concept into a rugged design incorporating cutting-edge technology. The purpose of the Company’s products is to help prevent accidents such as shown in the picture below and to save lives.  They are used can be used by military and government professionals as well as everyday citizens as a flare or lantern in case of an emergency.  I keep on in my car kit and in my earthquake kit and so should you!  Call 1-877-256-6907 for more information or to place an order.
If you are interested in ad space please email me at kuzakscloset@gmail.com for pricing and specials!

Feels So Good!


Feb 27, 2012

Our dog Harper loves to roll around in the yard and if you have a dog you will get a kick out of this post…

Isn’t He Cute?


Feb 22, 2012

We live in Silicon Valley and our winters are pretty mild, we have a few weeks of rain and some chilly nights but even when it cools down the sun still shines and warms us up.  After I took my Christmas decorations down in January, I put out my snowmen to keep things looking festive (even though we don’t get snow). I bought this cutie at the Lake Street Emporium in Port Austin while I was visiting my family in Michigan, isn’t he cute?   I typically put my snowmen away by the end of February but I struggle with ideas for keeping my house cute between Valentine’s Day and Spring.  Do you share in my struggle?  Do you have any ideas?  Please comment!

Fun Fashion Now!


Feb 16, 2012

I met my friend Roberta for our annual shopping trip yesterday and I was really disappointed with what is in stores right now.  All I want is comfortable, cute clothes that are versatile from season to season.  I decided to hit the drawing board…i.e. Polyvore to create a fashion board based on what I want to wear now.  Check it out and let me know what you think of what is in stores right now, are you as disappointed as me?

Fun Fashion Now

Fun Fashion Now by kuzakscloset featuring leather handbags

Looking For Guest Bloggers…


Feb 7, 2012

I am always looking for guest bloggers to take over my blog for a day.  If you would like to share a post with my readers please email me at kuzakscloset@gmail.com.   You don’t need to have a blog to be a guest blogger so if you have been thinking about starting a blog or you just enjoy reading blogs give it a try!

Also, my next themed week is coming up in March, I was thinking about having Wedding Week again but after talking to my sister Ashlie I think we should switch it up and do a “Girls Night Out Week.”  I am looking for guest bloggers to share what they do with their friends, do you meet for dinner? Movies? Bunko parties? Jewelry parties?  I hope you are interested and contact me soon!

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