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Estate Sale Time Lapse Video


Mar 18, 2014

Wowza’s that’s a lot of people! This quick glimpse of a Kuzak’s Closet estate sale will help you understand why I’m so tired at the end of each project!

We set up video camera in the entry way capturing the main thoroughfare to the backyard and garage at one of our Silicon Valley sale’s this year. Next time I want to capture a sale from start to finish to show you how much we sell in an entire weekend!  Enjoy!

Kuzak’s Closet Menlo Park Estate Liquidation


Sep 15, 2013

Late last week I worked with my team on an estate liquidation in Menlo Park.  Kuzak’s Closet’s estate liquidations are similar to our estate sales because we sort and organize the contents of the home but there is one big difference. Instead of opening the home to the public to shop like we do for the estate sales, we haul all of the items away to be donated, recycled, or sold.  This type of service comes in handy when clients are in a time crunch and need a home emptied in a flash, when the home doesn’t have enough items for a sale, or when the location is difficult for the public to find.

There are many companies that will come to take sellable items or the items that can be donated but our estate liquidations stand out because we removed EVERYTHING and we do it in one day.  Yep, 1 single day.  It seems crazy but I have a fabulous crew and I have the process down to a science.  Here is a look at what last week’s estate liquidation looked like before we started…

After 9 hours the house was finally emptied and we had so much fun doing it!  I was covered in dust and dirt and I’m sure I had rat poop in my sneakers, ha! My assistant Al (he’s the guy on the ladder at the end of the video) helped me dig for treasures and sort the items while I had Billy, Alex, and Keely bag up items for charity or trash and load up trucks (we had 4 trucks for this project).

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Hanging out with Mark Zuckerberg at the Alpine Inn


May 10, 2011

One of our favorite restaurants in Silicon Valley is the Alpine Inn.  Calling it a restaurant is a stretch, it is more like a dive bar and grill.  They have the best burgers and fries and the beer is cheap and served in plastic cups.

We met our friends Ken and Kai there for dinner on Friday night, we all needed to kick up our feet after a long week and we wanted to celebrate Chris’ recent promotion at Google.  I happened to bring my camera in so that I could capture the essence of the Alpine Inn, as you can see it is pretty fancy…ha!

The burgers at Alpine are served on grilled submarine sandwich buns,
I think this is what sets them apart from the other burger places in the area.

Sharing a basket of fries is must!  Who can resist the crinkle fries!

Did I mention that the service at the Alpine Inn is horrible?  They are always so rude 
to everyone where, I think it is apart of the appeal.  The first time we went I ordered 
4 pickles and the woman behind the grill told me I could not order 4 pickles, I was only 
allowed 1.  I was kind of surprised when she said that but I had to go with it, she was running 
the place!  When the pickles were ready for us at the counter I found out why we were only 
allowed 1 pickle, it is because they cut up a giant pickle into 10 spears, amazing!

The decor defines the Inn, there are old beer posters from the 
80s and picnic tables with carvings from the last 40 years. 
After dinner we shared a pitcher of beer and as we cracked jokes and told
stories about our week I noticed that someone famous walked in…


Yes, that is Mark on the right, he was sporting his signature hooded sweatshirt 
and sunglasses.  I elbowed Chris so hard when he walked in.  He ordered 
burgers and fries and dined outside on the patio with his friends.  
I loved it and I was so thankful that I brought my camera!

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook in the middle.  For some reason I was surprised 
at how short and skinny he was, you can tell in this picture because the
guy next to him looks like a giant and he wasn’t.

I love our local Silicon Valley celebrities because most of them are self-made, super smart business people like Mark.  I can’t wait to see who I run into next!  To help celebrate Chris’ work promotion I thought I would leave you with Google’s new Chrome commercial.  If you haven’t seen it tune in, it is a tear jerker!  Love those creative Googlers!

Declutter & Get Organized Before You Move!


Mar 22, 2011

It is only 3 weeks away from our moving date and as promised, I am sharing a video with my favorite tips and advice for decluttering your home before you move.  So many of my clients throw everything they own into boxes without asking themselves these important questions and then they find themselves completely overwhelmed when they get to their new home…

Do I need this?
Do I love this?
When is the last time I used this??
Do I want to spend more time and money moving and storing it?

Check out my video for advice about space planning, staging zones, and why you should declutter as you pack, enjoy!

Organize Your Closet with Command Hooks


Mar 11, 2011

A few months ago I announced that I won an awesome contest using Command hooks.  One of my prizes was a Flip HD video camera that I used to shoot a little commercial demonstrating how I use Command products as a Professional Organizer to help them take “Command” of their space.

I really love using Command products because they are easy to install, affordable, and durable.  Last weekend I used them in a clients closet to hang up her purses and travel totes.

Check out the before and afters that helped me win the contest!

Organizing Tips For a Stress Free Move


Mar 2, 2011

Moving can be very stressful but it doesn’t have to be!  With a little planning and organization, you can have a stress free move.  My husband and I are moving in 6 weeks so I thought it would be interesting if I documented what I am doing to stay organized during this time.  This is the first video blog out of a series offering tips and advice that will help your next move be a breeze.  Enjoy!

How to Declutter Your Memorabilia


Jan 25, 2011

Over the weekend I sorted through a box of my childhood memorabilia and awards and thought I would inspire you to sort through yours with another video blog…

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