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Feedback Friday: Shoe Storage Poll


Oct 14, 2011

We all store our shoes differently and as a professional organizer I have seen it all.  Some of us like to pile them up by the front door, others have them neatly placed in clear bins or show boxes, and others place them neatly on shelves, shoe racks, and the floor or their closets.  Today I want to know what works (or doesn’t work) for you, please comment and tell me the method to your shoe madness and don’t forget to vote!  Here are the options…

Neatly Stored on Shelves/Racks/Closet Floor
In Their Original Boxes
In Clear Shoe Bins
In a Pile

Feedback Friday: Do You Believe in Expiration Dates?


Dec 3, 2010

I know this might seem like a silly question to some of you but do you believe in expiration dates?  I am asking because each week as a Professional Organizer I work with clients who don’t believe in them they try to convince me that it is okay to have medication, food, and beauty products on the shelves past their date of expiration.  Each time I give the same talk about how it can be dangerous to keep items that have expired like meat, pantry items, and beauty products.  I am not always a rule follower but I do stick to expiration dates in my house, I figure they are there for a reason! What do you think?

Feedback Friday: Favorite Halloween Candy?


Oct 15, 2010

Every time I go to the grocery store I am tempted to pick up a bag of Halloween candy.  I love the fun displays filled with M&Ms in festive colors and the multi packs of Hersey products, yum!  I never give in to this temptation because I know I will lose self-control and eat the entire bag in one sitting.  Do you have this same problem?

Feedback Friday: Small Town or Big City?


Sep 3, 2010

I always look forward to visiting my home town, there is something charming and simple about being in the country.  This week I have spent my days walking and biking, enjoying home cooked meals, relaxing with family and friends.

In today’s economy many of us small town fans have to move to bigger cities to find jobs.  That is just where Chris and I found ourselves 4 years ago when we moved to Chicago.  Many of my friends and family thought I would love big city life but man were they wrong!  I quickly realized how much I missed the friendly faces of a small town, parking lots, farmland, and star filled skies.

After a few years of listening to taxi cabs honking their horns and getting parking tickets, I told Chris I had to move.  I thought we were going to try to move back to Michigan but that changed when Chris sent his resume to Google in California and was offered a job.

The town we live in now is quite a bit bigger than my home town of Cass City Michigan but we are just minutes from farmland, hiking and biking trails, and I have friendly neighbors and a sense of community.

This trip back to Michigan got me wondering where all of where you would prefer to live?  Are you small town folks or big city people?  Please vote in the top right corner of the page to let me know, I can’t wait to see the results!

Big City…
Small Town

Feedback Friday: Help Me Pick My Headshot!


Aug 27, 2010

Thank you all for voting on my poll last week!  I decided it was so much fun that I think I will start a new tradition at Kuzak’s Closet of having a post and a poll each Friday called Feedback Friday.

Do you remember the photo shoot I had last week?  Well, I got my photo proofs back from my photographer and I don’t know which photo to pick to put on my site!  They all turned out so well, I worked with Jeanine Brown from Jeanine Brown Photo Design and I was really impressed with her.  She put me in poses that were flattering and helped me to look my best.  If you are looking for someone to take your portrait definitely give her a call, click here to see more of her portfolio on her website.

Below are the three favorites but I need you to help me pick which photo should go on my website www.kuzakscloset.com.  Please take a look and vote for your favorite in the voter box on the right.   Next week I will reveal with photo I have chosen so stay tuned!




Feedback Friday: A Penny For Your Thoughts…


Aug 20, 2010

Happy Friday to all of my readers!  It has been a few months since my last reader poll and I would love your input on my blog topics.  Each week I write about a variety of topics and I sometimes wonder if there is one that you enjoy more than the others.  I would love to hear from all of you regarding which topics are your favorite!

There is a voter poll on the top right of this page, please select you favorite topic that I write about. The polls will close tomorrow evening. Here are the choices…

 Travel & Everyday Life

Spring Cleaning Tips


Mar 30, 2010

In last week’s voter poll half of you said you started Spring cleaning and the other half of you said you haven’t even thought about it.  Starting any project is the hardest part so I wanted to share some spring cleaning tips to get you started, print this list and start checking them off!


  • Move your appliances from the wall and vacuum and mop the floor under them.  Using your vacuum attachment clean the coils and the nooks and crannies on the back of your oven and fridge.
  • Defrost your fridge and freezer, wipe it out with Clorox wipes.  

Living Room

  • Remove the cushions from your sofa and chairs and vacuum them.  Vacuuming your upholstered furniture is the best way to preserve it and help it last.
  • Wash or dry clean your heavy blankets and throws, store them in vacuum sealed closet bags to save room and keep them fresh.  Swap them out for light weight options. 
  • Vacuum your and dust your window treatments.  If they are machine washable throw them in the washing machine.  If parts of your room get more sun, rotate the window treatments to avoid fading.
  • Wash the windows, inside and out.

Dining Room

  • Remove the china and dishes from your hutch or china cabinet, dust the shelves and wash items that haven’t been used in awhile.
  • Shampoo your carpets or if you have rugs take them to the cleaners.


    • Turn over your mattress to distribute the wear evenly.  Replace cool-weather bedding with warm-weather bedding.
    • Wash the pillows, whether made of natural fibers (such as down) or synthetic (often polyester),most pillows can be machine-washed. This rids them of mold, bacteria, and odors.


    • Clean out your medicine cabinet and cosmetic drawers.  Check the expiration dates and toss anything that you don’t use anymore.  Most cosmetics expire after 3 months, if kept longer there is a greater chance of bacteria spreading (especially mascara and eye makeup).

    Home Office

    • Review insurance policies, contracts, and family documents. 
    • Scrub computer casings with a solution of 1 drop mild dishwashing liquid per 1 quart of water and a lint-free cloth; dust crevices in keyboards with cotton swabs; wipe screens with a soft cloth or a dry screen-cleaning sponge.


    • Swap out cold weather clothing for warm weather clothing. Get winter coats and sweaters dry cleaned and store them in a hanging garment bag.
    • Go through your closet, any items that you won’t make it until next winter toss or put in a Goodwill bag. Try on all of your spring and summer clothes to make sure they still fit and are still in style. There is no use filling up your closet with ugly stuff that doesn’t fit. Make a list of items that you need to add to your wardrobe for spring and summer so you can stay on track when you are shopping. If you need help with this please contact me, I love helping people determine what they need to keep and what needs to go.

    Outdoor Spaces

    • Scrub decks, patios, sidewalks, and driveways. If needed rent a power washer.
    • Wash outdoor furniture with a solution of mild dishwashing liquid and water and a soft-bristle brush. If your furniture is looking old and tired, pick up some spray paint for a quick makeover.

    Garages & Attics

    • Sort through items that are piling up, donate all of the unwanted junk.  Sort the rest into sections so it is easy to find, put items that are not going to move anytime soon in the back and the items that are used more often in the front.  Toss old storage bins that are cracked or missing lids (you don’t want to risk damaging the items inside).  Use concrete bricks under bins to keep them high and dry.

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