A Day Out on 5th, Central Park, Chelsea, and The MET


Jun 11, 2012

I’m back from my trip to New York and glad to be home.  I was a bit nervous to come back to our house after being gone for a week but I can’t let our recent break in get me down.  We dropped off our luggage and then headed to pick up Harper at Klub K9, her home away from home.  She was so happy to see us and the feelings were mutual, we just love her to pieces.

Today’s post is rather long but I wanted to share the rest of the highlights from the rest of our trip. I was able to stay pretty busy on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  On Thursday I walked to 5th avenue to check out the shops. It was jammed with tourists so I fit right in!

I had a lot of fun at a store called Zara, we have one in San Francisco but it is not nearly as nice. Zara is a Spanish company that sells trendy clothes like H&M but the prices are a bit higher and the quality is much better.  The store has 2 floors for women’s clothing, 1 for men, and 1 for kids. They have lots of cute shoes, handbags, and clothes. Here are some of my favorite things…

I tried on a bunch of stuff and I ended up buying this cute orange blazer, I think it will look cute with skinny jeans and flats or dressed up with black slacks.

After I left Zara I went to a few more stores and enjoyed watching the variety of people on 5th Avenue.  Here is one of the cathedrals that I saw on my way…
I ended up at Rockefeller Center and I decided I would treat myself to lunch outside.  You can see where they set up a restaurant where the ice skating rink is in the winter…

Since I can’t drink any alcohol or caffeine I treated myself to a big bottle of sparkling water to go with my lunch, big excitement!

After lunch I decided to head back to the hotel.  I was going to get a cab but I wasn’t having any luck so I just kept walking.  On the way I passed by tons of cute shops and bakeries, isn’t this window display cute?

I could have eaten a whole cake but I just enjoyed all of the yummy smells coming from the bakery and walked out.

I also passed through Times Square.  I have been there a few times but only at night when it is all lit up.

On Friday I went walked to lunch at a spot called The Frying Pan, it is a restaurant on an old barge.  It was a nice walk along the river front and it was more of a local spot, not a lot of tourists.  Here is the barge, you can see the little umbrellas on top, that is where I had lunch.

You can see the new World Trade Center in the background…

Most of the food at the Frying Pan didn’t fit into my wheat-sugar free diet so I settled for this goat cheese salad.  It was really good but I was jealous of all of the other people eating burgers, garlic fries, and beer.

This tug boat is attached to the barge and it has tables and chairs for dining too.  I hopped aboard to check it out, pretty neat.

The barge also has this cute caboose on it…

On the way back to our hotel I walked on the High Line, a garden path that the city created on old train tracks in Chelsea near our hotel and Chelsea Market.  It was pretty neat…

Saturday was our last day in the city so I took Chris to check of Rockefeller Center and shop a little bit on 5th Avenue.

Central Park is at the north end of the shopping district on 5th so walked through the park on our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Here I am at the start of Central Park, you can see The Plaza Hotel behind me (The home of my favorite movie Big Business from the 80s.)  Obviously I am not a fashionista in with my workout clothes on but I really wanted to be comfortable for a day of walking, especially after my recent surgery.

Pretty city view from Central Park…

Chris sitting by the duck pond, you can rent the little sailboats and steer them around the pond.

We walked through the park for about 15 blocks and ended up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Admission is typically $25 per person but with Chris’ Google badge we were both able to get in for free.  I have been to the museum once back in 12th grade on a high school band trip but it was Chris’ first time. The museum is huge and it would be really tough to see everything in one day.  We spent most of our time looking at the more modern paintings from artists born in 1912, very cool.

We also spent a lot of time in the period room exhibit.  The museum was able to collect entire rooms from real homes from as early as the 1800s.  Each room was filled with the original details, paint colors, rugs, and furniture.  Here are some of the rooms that we saw…

This is Frank Lloyd Wright’s home from 1912, isn’t the ceiling neat? I love all of the furniture and the neat windows.

This is an old bank facade that they were able to restore, it leads you into the American Wing of the museum.  Can you imagine having the job of tearing it down at the original site, transporting it to the museum, and then putting it back together again?  Wow!

We had to sit down and take a break after all of that walking!  You know I am a huge fan of Gossip Girl so I had to snap this picture of us on the steps of the Met.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my trip to NYC as much as I did.  It was nice to have a week off to chill and try new things. I spent most of my days alone so I am proud of myself for getting out of the hotel and being a tourist on my own. New York has a fast pace to it but so does Silicon Valley, the place I call home.  The biggest difference that I noticed between the two places is the way people dress, in NYC people are running around making deals and building their businesses in business suits and here in Silicon Valley they are doing the same things only wearing t-shirts and flip flops.  If Chris has to come back to the NYC Google office in the future one of you is going to have to come with me!


  • Mark and Ashlie

    Great post Midge! Love the blazer from Zara…that store looks like so much fun! All of your pictures are great…..my favorite is of you in front of the Plaza! Ha!

  • Joseph's Grainery Recipes

    Sign me up…I'd love to go shopping with you in NY the next time you go! So glad you were able to escape all the icky things you've had to deal with lately. -Kelli

  • maxipix

    Love the apron in the bakery shop window. too cut, love the visit to NY. I will keep visiting your pics here.

  • Pam

    Looks like you walked lots of miles in NYC. You have everyone drooling that hasn't been there like me.

  • Amanda

    I loved the orange blazer you bought! Next time you go hopefully you will be able to have some of those wonderful looking cupcakes and other foods that you couldn't eat this time around. I think that it was great that you were confident to go out and tour the city by yourself. I don't know if I would do that. Glad you are back home.

  • Anonymous

    I love that picture of the Chuck Close painting. I haven't seen that painting in 10 yrs. Glad you had a good time in NYC. I love it there. I live across the river in NJ.

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