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Jul 29, 2013

Kuzak's Closet


Over the weekend I installed 2 new shoe organizers in my closet.  I hate the process of putting things together, especially when our dog Harper decides to chew a few of the parts and eat the directions!  These organizers are really easy to put together but for some reason my screw driver kept stripping the screws so I really had to use my muscles!  In the end they turned out great and I was able to achieve my goal of maximizing the space on my closet floor and display my handbags so I will be encouraged to use them.

I shared the inside of my closet…Kuzak’s Closet, ha ha, a few months ago. Many of you seemed to really enjoy the post so I thought you might like to see the updated look. Before, all of my shoes neatly lined the floor of the closet and my handbags were in bins and on the shelves.  After the simple shoe organizer installation, it looks like a little boutique which will encourage me to accessorize with new items instead of my go-to favorites.

Kuzak's Closet

Normally I use shoe cubbies with my clients but in this case I thought a simple shoe shelf from The Container Store (they sell similar products at WalMart and Target) would allow me enough space to display my handbags on the top shelf without bumping into the clothing. I love seeing all my shoes at a glance, it’s like seeing all of my friends!  FYI, if you like these shelves and have more room for storage they are stackable.

Kuzak's Closet

Kuzak's Closet

I obviously have a Kate Spade addiction (and I’ll admit there are 2 Kate bags not even in this picture, yikes! The white Kate Spade in the bottom right corner was my first official (non-NYC Chinatown) purchase and I used it ALL of the time.  I decided to upgrade to a patent version (top right) and have used it in all 4 seasons.  The orange Kate Spade was an impulse buy that I’m glad I made, it really jazzes up my otherwise boring summer outfits (jeans, simple white/blue/gray top, and J.Crew sandals).

Kuzak's Closet

The black bag was a gift from my husband.  I would have never spent that much on a purse but I’m glad he did, ha!  It’s DVF from Nordstrom and I totally love it.  I carry it most of the fall and winter.

The beige coach bag has been in my closet for 6 years and I used it non-stop for 4 years until Chris made me buy a new one (aka bought me the black bag).  He is a funny guy, really into shopping and spending, something I will never complain about!   The beige and pink Coach bag was a birthday gift from my parents 3 years ago and I love the stripes!

Kuzak's Closet

Is the difference life changing?  Probably not but I still love it!  It is so nice to have all of my handbags in plain sight, I think it will really encourage me to swap them out more often.

There is a little basket next to the shoe organizers full of my smaller bags, wallets, and clutches…

Kuzak's Closet

I am such a big-bag type of gal so I rarely use these little gems but they are nice to have around.  I’ve had the pink coach bag on the top left corner for over a decade.  It comes in handy for a night out or when I’m traveling.  I love the leopard and the little black bag for parties and events.  The pink bag on the bottom right was a gift from my mom and I’ve enjoyed using it for the last year.  It is a cross body envelope bag and it fits more than it looks.  I throw it in my bike basket when we meet our friends for drinks, it’s the perfect size!

Kuzak's Closet

On the top shelf I have my 2 travel bags.  I really like this cross body bag by Jessica Simpson, it has handles and a detachable strap and holds a ton.  I bought it on a whim for $49.99 at TJ Maxx and I have used it a lot.


My other travel bag is newer, it is also from TJ Maxx, a quick purchase before our recent trip to London.  I wanted something big enough to hold my camera, a coat, an umbrella, maps, etc..  It worked out perfect and I felt like it hid the fact that I was a tourist.  Well, maybe not considering I was stalking all of the palaces but it was an attempt!

Kuzak's Closet

I hope you found some inspiration from the little organizational change that I made in my closet over the weekend.  Looking at this post it is more clear than ever that I only buy handbags in 3 colors, white, pink, and orange.  My goal for this fall is to pick up a new one in either emerald or royal blue, here is a peek at what I love!

Green and Blue


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