Holiday Decor Week: Suzanne


Dec 14, 2012

Today my mom is sharing her holiday decor and answering 10 questions about her holiday traditions.  I’m so glad that she is participating this year, she does such a great job decorating the home that I grew up in.  I don’t know how she manages to put all of her decorations up and stay organized the way that she does.  The tree in her dining room much has 500 vintage bulbs on it!  Enjoy her post and a glimpse inside her home.  Don’t forget to come back next week for more Holiday Decor Week action!

1.) What is you favorite holiday tradition?    

Attending Church Christmas Eve, and then having Friends and Family back to our house.
2.) How does your family decide who gets to open the first present?  
We have an ornament that is a pickle, who ever finds it gets to open the first gift.  This was always fun for our kids Christmas morning.
3.) Do you stay home with your family or travel to visit family, if  you travel where do you go?  
We stay home.  Some years we have our kids home with us and other years we spend it together.  I love having a peaceful relaxing day.

4.) Where do you shop for your holiday decorations?

I look for new things all year long, wherever we travel.  I have also made decorations like the wreath below, isn’t it pretty?

5.) Your favorite trick for staying organized during the holidays?
I make sure everything is organized and labeled when I put it away from the year before, and I do as much as I can ahead of time.

6.) What do you do with the holiday cards you receive from friends and family after the holiday’s are over?
I save cards and photo’s from my kids and family.
7.) If you put up a tree do you use a live tree or a fake tree?  
I have 2 fake trees, one in the family room and one in the dining room.
8.) Favorite holiday cocktail?  

9.) If you have draw names for a gift exchange do you set a price limit and how much is it? Do you pick a theme for the exchange and how do you draw names?  
We set a $50 limit.  Now that my kids are spread out throughout the country we ship our gifts and open them on Skype if we have the opportunity.
10.) What is your favorite holiday dessert and who makes it?  
Anything Chocolate!  I bake a lot throughout the holidays for my friends and for entertaining.
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  • Kimberly Tucker

    Beautiful decorations. I do love the ornament wreath. I made something like that for everyone one year, it was a fun project. Love all the balls on the family room tree… I’m guessing there is a tree under all those ornaments. LOL – Thanks for sharing

  • Luann

    The vintage ornaments – we have some JUSt like them – they were my husband’s grandparents – love how you loaded the tree!

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