Trash to Treasure Kitchen Pantry


Oct 21, 2011

My client was short on pantry space and it was driving her NUTS!  She had no where to store her non-perishable items and they were living in grocery bags on the floor and in stacks on the counter top.  During our first organizing session together we spent some time brainstorming to figure out a new layout that might create more storage, after taking an inventory of the items that were currently taking up valuable cabinet space I suggested that she find a piece of furniture to place on an empty wall in the kitchen and create a pantry in it.  Between sessions I researched online to find the perfect piece and I had a hard time coming up with something that fit the measurements and the budget.

We were about to put the idea on hold when my client remembered she had an antique hutch in her garage.  It had been out there collecting dust for years, it was something that had been given to her by her parents.  She loved it but never had the right place for it.

She asked me if I thought it would make a nice pantry and I thought it was perfect.  We both agreed that it needed to be spruced up a bit and she decided she wanted some color.  Her kitchen is mostly neutral tones and she wanted a bright blue, a color that was represented in a painting on the wall.  I decided to drag the painting with me to Home Depot so I could find the perfect paint color (I didn’t want to go back and forth to have it remixed until we got it right).

It turned out really cute, it adds so charm and character to the kitchen.  The color fits my client personality and the new pantry added just the right amount of storage for the non-perishable items that needed to be stored.  Check out the transformation…


Eventually she might add a pattern to the glass to camouflage the pantry items.  For now it looks just fine and she and her husband can easily find what they are looking for.

I found several extra canning jars in the kitchen cabinets when I was organizing them so I decided to repurpose them to store her beans and grains.  It looks much prettier than having messy bags stacked up.


Are you short on pantry space in your kitchen?  I hope this trash to treasure transformation inspires you to repurpose items that you already have for extra storage in your kitchen and other rooms in your home.


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