Biggest Loser is my favorite reality television show.  Even though we are still living without a television, Chris and I are able to catch new episodes online though Hulu.  I like it because it is a game show where technically, every contestant wins.  Everyone who goes on the show learns how to eat, how to work out, and how to get rid of the inner demons that helped get them reach over 300+ pounds. Even if they don’t win the prize at the end, they have still won their lives back.  Bob & Jillian, the trainers,  always stress planning ahead and I think that message is so important.  Tonight I am talking to a group of people about getting organized and part of my presentation is how important it is to plan your meals a day or week ahead of time.  It helps save you money and keep extra pounds off because you are not ordering a pizza or going through a drive through.  Many of the recipes on my blog are healthy and have simple ingredients you can stock up on for easy meal planning.

The Biggest Loser also has a pound for pound challenge for America, for every pound we lose, they donate money to food banks across America.  For more information click here.

My favorite contestant this season is Michael, an Italian guy who started the show over 500 pounds.  He started on a team with his mom Maria who was darling, she has already been voted off which was really tough for Michael. He is fun to watch and I find myself rooting for him every show.  No matter what happens on the show he is always positive and smiling.  Last week he won his first challenge, being over 500 pounds he is not usually able to keep up with the other contestants.  It was a break through moment for him, he is starting to gain his confidence back.  He has already lost 83 pounds in 5 weeks.  Tune in next week, Biggest Loser is a show worth getting hooked on.