Chris and I spent Christmas and New Year’s in Michigan and we had a great trip.  We lucked out with the weather, it didn’t snow and some days the temps were in the 40s.  Chris’ parents picked us up at the airport on Christmas Eve and we stopped at BW3’s so we could watch the start of the Detroit Lions Game.  Chris is a huge fan and is so excited that they get to go to the playoffs this year, it’s hard to believe that they are a decent team this season, the last time they made it to the playoffs was 1999, my freshman year of college.

After dinner we drove to my parents where we all went to Christmas Eve service together.  Afterwards my mom hosted the annual Christmas Eve party which was fun.  On Christmas Day we woke up at Chris’ parents house and had a lazy morning.  We opened presents in the afternoon and then started to prepare dinner.  My parents were able to join us too so that was fun.  We munched on Jessi’s Dip and Homemade Pretzels for appetizers and then my mother and father in law cooked steaks and fish on the grill.  They recently remodeled their house and it looks great, this dining room used to be a family room that they never used, I talked them into repurposing it as a dining room and then create a little den where the old dining room used to be.

Our appetizers, Jessi’s Dip and Homemade Soft Pretzels
Chris and his dad…

The next day we headed to my parents to celebrate Christmas with my sister and her family.  It was fun to see how excited the girls were about Christmas and to hear all about what Santa brought them.  We enjoyed appetizers early in the afternoon and opened presents and then had prime rib for dinner.

Ashlie and my mom in the kitchen…
Ashlie got this bathroom gift set from a student and she thought
it would be SO funny to surprise my mom with it.  Who would
buy this for their teacher?  If you need teacher gift ideas click here
I snapped some pictures of my  mom’s decorations for next
year’s Holiday Decor Week, this is one of her trees…
The girls had fun opening their gifts…
Chris bought them Google suckers from the Google store on campus, they were a big hit!
My parents gave the girls and their Bitty Babies matching American Girl pajamas, pretty cute!
I tried to get a group picture of all of us and this is the best I could do!  It was difficult 
with the lighting, next time we will have to do it during the day.
My buddy Don Ball puts up the cutest Santa and reindeer for Christmas and for the last 12 years my sister and I have had fun t-peeing it.  I know it doesn’t sound very mature but it is pure innocent fun. 
We were able to get a few rolls on Santa when Don jumped out of the shadows and caught us in the 
act.  It turns out that my mom and dad actually tipped him off that we were coming, something they arranged back in November. I can’t believe I was set up!  
During the week I was able to spend the day with my nieces Audrey and Lilly
and even spent the night, sharing a room with Lilly which was a real treat. 
We had fun at bath time and I loved being woken up early by two sweet girls.  
We celebrated Christmas with my mom’s extended family, it was nice to see
my aunts and uncles, along with some of my cousins.  My Grandma Orr 
enjoyed opening her presents and seeing her great grand kids…
The little girls played together really well, just like my sister and my cousins did when we were little…
I finally had the chance to meet my cousin Emily’s son Donovan, he is such a cutie! 
My Grandma Chappel got out of the hospital just in time for Christmas and I was thankful 
to stop by for a few visits with her.  She has been having heart problems over the last
month and is recovering very very well.
During the week I had the chance to my good friend Kara from high school, 
spend a day with my Grandma Orr, and shop with my mom.
On New Year’s Eve we went out to dinner with my family, the girls loved wearing 
their partyhats and saying “happy new year.”  
Audrey has a dog just like Harper that she carries around, I snapped this picture of her
resting in the party hat!  Poor little Harp never gets a break!
Happy New Year 2012!
After dinner we headed to my sister’s house for a little party. 
Steph, Ashlie, and Drew…
We had a really nice trip and I think it is going to take me an entire week to recover.  Between the time change and all of the great meals I need to detox and catch up on my sleep!