It occurs to me from time to time that I do not have a normal work week compared to most people.  Everyday is different; the commute, the client, and the schedule, and the surprises.  Right now my schedule is so busy, I’ve had to say no to some new projects (which is hard for me to do) and I have begun to schedule clients into 2013.

This week my assistant Matt worked with me all 5 days and that really makes a difference for me. It is nice to have a co-worker to toss ideas around with, to do the heavy lifting and load up the truck at the end of the day, and to remind me to eat lunch. He has been with Kuzak’s Closet for a year and has worked for me on his college breaks. He graduated from Cal Davis this June and began his professional job search so I know his time working for me is limited and I really dread looking for someone new.

On Monday I decided to share one of the new photos I had taken this fall for my website.  I was going to wait until we roll out a new design but I couldn’t stand looking at my old picture anymore. I had Lindsey from Bellalu Photography take them for me and I have at least 15 that I would love to use on my marketing materials which is awesome, I would highly recommend her!

My first project of the week was a storage/basement that was FULL of stuff.  Matt and I worked really quickly and were able to finish the project in 4.5 hours (instead of the quoted 8 hours).  I have a system that allows my clients to be involved in the decision making and then we take care of the rest which actually speeds things along.  This is what my client had to say about the session…
“I honestly was not expecting it to be all done and look so beautiful! You exceeded any expectations I had and it’s all I’ve been talking about. I feel so positive about getting my house back and not feel like I’m drowning in toys and stuff.”
Hopefully I can share the after photos soon, it looks great!  After we wrapped up the session and unloaded 13 bags for donation at Goodwill we went out to lunch.  Usually we grab something quick but since we finished a early I suggested we go to the Palo Alto Creamery.  Part of Matt’s “benefits” at Kuzak’s Closet is a paid lunch.  Yes, if we take a lunch break I always buy.  Not a bad gig right?  He said it is his favorite part of the job, ha!

On Tuesday I worked with a regular client on my own.  She is such a sweetie and I look forward to seeing her every week.  She and her husband are remodeling their home so we are sorting through things before it is completed and they “move” back in.  She grew up in a small town like me so it is fun to compare stories.

Tuesday afternoon Matt tagged along for some private showings for my current estate liquidation project.  He is more of a body guard so I don’t become a victim to the Craigslist Killer.  Speaking of that, people ask me all of the time if Craigslist sales ever make me feel unsafe.  The answer is no.  I will admit that I have met plenty of odd people over the years but no one that has ever seemed dangerous.

We were able to find a buyer for this nice sofa and the matching chair.  She paid $500 and we delivered it to her so she didn’t have to rent a truck, pretty nice service!
The buyer of the sofa lived right next to DSW.  If you know me you know that I can’t resist a little shoe shopping.  My sneakers don’t have a long shelf life with my job.  I am in a lot of messy situations and always on my feet so I have to buy a new pair every three months.  It only took me 5 minutes to find a new pair (it is pretty easy because I limit myself to the colors in my logo so they match my shirts for work).  Poor Matt had never even heard of DSW so of course I had to drag him along.  He turned into quite the shoe shopper and found a nice pair of dress shoes to his job interviews (I didn’t realize my little shoe trip would help him find a job and leave Kuzak’s Closet, tear!).  I’m such a nice boss I even let him use one of my $10 off coupons.  I had so many that my sneakers only cost $10, not bad!

Another highlight to this week was a package from my mom.  She send me my hometown newspaper which I am addicted to.  I used to subscribe but for some reason the paper came 4-5 weeks late (I think they have someone walk them to my house in California from Michigan).  It is faster for my mom to stockpile them and send me 4-5 copies at a time.

My hometown paper is filled with great community news, like this article about raising money for breast cancer.  I think the picture says it all…

Seriously, this is why I love this paper and my hometown.  Where else would you see a pink toilet used to raise money.  In sad news the small theatre in my hometown might close because of the progress in the film industry.  I have been trying to convince my husband to move back to Michigan and save the theatre all week.  Let’s just say he doesn’t think it is a good idea.
I tried one of these bars on Wednesday morning.  Not because I wanted to be healthy but because Starbucks is still out of their chocolate donuts.  I’m technically not allowed to eat them on my diet but we all have to cheat a little right?
Both Chris and Matt have been against me eating them and they were both happy to find out that Starbucks hasn’t carried them lately because they have decided to discontinue them for the holidays.  Boo!  Knowing that they are not longer available makes me want them more.

It was moving day for another client of mine.  The original company that she thought she booked to pack up her house and move her decided that they wouldn’t return her calls this week and she was really stressed about it.  I suggested that she call my favorite moving company All Reasons Moving and Storage and she was glad she did.  The crew was great as always and she was a very happy camper on moving day.

I had the movers help load up a few items that she wanted me to sell.  I had Matt bring his friend Mike to help unload everything at my house.  I’ve decided to call Mike “Shorty” as a nickname.  It just fits his persona.  If Matt does find a full time job maybe Shorty can replace him.  It would be fun to have an assistant called Shorty.

After we photograped and inventoried the items they decided to break in our basketball hoop for a little game of one on one.  Yes, that is a mattress in my garage.  My garage is like a furniture gallery right now.  Hopefully it will empty out this weekend to make room for whatever comes my way next week.  Did you know it takes me 5 days on average to sell an item?  Not bad!

I treated the guys to lunch at the liquor store near my house called JP’s.  The owner is so nice, he comes to all of my estate sales.  You would never suspect that the food would be good from a liquor store but they have the best sandwiches and burritos.  My favorite clients from The Castle project in January introduced to this great spot.
Pretty classy joint!
Having the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers in the World Series has been very excited for us but also a bit depressing.  The Tigers didn’t have a very good showing on Wednesday night providing this headline on Thursday morning.  I hope the Tigs can make a comeback!
Yesterday Matt and I worked on a 4 year old’s bedroom and a living room/playroom.  We made sure all of the games had all of their parts, rearranged existing storage, and set up systems that everyone in the home can maintain.  While I was sorting I couldn’t help but snap this instagram pic of the little people, so cute.

Matt was putting the finishing touches on the play kitchen that we set up and I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.  He is over 6 feet tall and I can’t believe he was able to squeeze into the tiny chairs.

After work I unloaded my truck at Goodwill and came home.  Chris beat me home (rare because he usually works until 7pm or so) and he suggested that we go to Panera for dinner.  I’m always up for that!

After dinner we stopped by Target and HomeGoods to see what’s new.  I was so excited to see all of the new Christmas decorations already out!

Chris humored me and helped me pick out some new decorations, can you tell I like glitter?  I bought a santa, a wreath, a couple of cute signs, some vintage ornaments, and two wintery trees for our mantle.  Too bad it isn’t even Halloween yet!
TGIF, I’m so glad it is Friday!  Today will be a busy day and I am looking forward to the weekend, how about you?  I’m sure most of you have Halloween events to go to and I hope you have a spooky time.  See you next week!