The results are in and Kuzak’s Closet was voted best blog in Silicon Valley according to the San Jose Mercury News!  The special readers choice edition hit newsstands on Sunday revealing awards in 100 different categories.  My assistant Matt and I stopped at 7-Eleven on the way to our Sunday organizing gig to pick up a few papers.

Matt flipped through the pages while I drove to our client’s house and he read the little blurb about my business out loud which made me feel extra special!  I was going to send all of you the special edition issue in the mail but I thought it would be more efficient just to send you the online link so you can view it yourself (I am on page 67).  If you live in the Bay Area you should bookmark the page so that you can use it for reference when looking for local services like my professional organizing business!

They spelled Kuzak’s Closet (Kusak’s Closet) but I don’t care, at least they got the website right! Thanks again for voting!