Over 45% of you voted that you like to enjoy a glass of wine to beat the winter blues in last weeks poll. When we lived in Chicago most of our weekends were spent on the couch watching HGTV House Hunters drinking wine and ordering a pizza.  That winter lifestyle really drove me nuts, I felt like I was trapped in my house, which I kind of was due to the frigid weather.  I have always been an active person and not being able to get outside to jog or walk started to make me feel more blue.

Working out has always been the best way for me to beat the blues.  Living in California has made it easier than ever to stay active because the winter weather is so mild, usually in the 60s.  I try to walk at a park in my neighborhood everyday and Chris and I go for bike rides on the weekends.  Yesterday  Chris and I hiked a 5 mile trail up one of the mountains nearby.  It was so pretty and a really challenging workout.  I really never understood what the difference was between walking and hiking, I thought it was the same.  I certainly found out yesterday, by the time we got to the top of the hill I was sweating and my legs were sore.  It was really fun, I hope it becomes apart of our weekend routine.

View from the top of the hill
I am only including this picture to show how sweaty and tired I was!
View on the way down the trail