Estate Sales & Liquidations

ESTATE SALES – Kuzak’s Closet employs a full-service estate sale team who specialize in sorting, staging, pricing and marketing everything from precious antique heirlooms to hardware from the kitchen sink. We  are well versed in current buying trends and will advise you in determining which items will appeal to both the general public and our significant following of local enthusiasts and collectors.

  • Amanda and her team have extensive expertise in pricing, spend time researching items online, at local antique fairs, antique shows and other estate sale to make sure that their pricing is always competitive.

  • We provide tables, tablecloths, clothing racks, bins, and display cases to properly display and merchandise your items for sale.

  • We operate a full point of sale system using a Square register.  We accept cash and credit cards to maximize your profits.  We also collect the necessary sales tax and submit it to the city where your home is located.

  • We make sure your home is setup with safety and security measures in mind.

  • The contents of the home will be sorted and organized, we will determine what can be sold and what should be donated or discarded.

  • Your home will be transformed into a boutique, we promise not to bring items into your sale or remove them from your sale.

  • Each item will be researched and tagged with a price to maximize your profits.

  • Items will be photographed and marketed through the Kuzak’s Closet award winning blog and social media sites.

  • The sale will be advertised for best possible exposure to our large email list of buyers and antique dealers, Craigslist, social media, street signage, and the local newspaper.

  • Your sale will be staffed by the friendly, honest, and knowledgeable Kuzak’s Closet team.

  • Kuzak’s Closet is a full service Estate Sale Company! We can coordinate a full cleanout service after the sale and arrange for the donation and disposal of unsold items.

  • We also provide additional services including vehicle sales and the creation of inventory lists.

ESTATE LIQUIDATIONS – Frequently we have clients who are interested in our estate sale services but are not eligible due to location, HOA (Home Owners Association) rules, value of items, or real estate timelines.  In these scenarios we offer a specialty, full-service estate liquidation service that will help you liquidate the property in one day.

  • Kuzak’s Closet can empty your home in 1 day!
  • We will hold a private 2-hour sale in the home to the buyers and antique dealers on our large email list.
  • All profits from the private sale will be credited towards the liquidation service fees.
  • After the sale the Kuzak’s Closet team will sort the contents of your home into these categories to be coordinated for removal..
    • Items to donate
    • Items to discard
    • Items to recycle
    • Items to shred
    • Hazardous waste
  • It is our goal to use our resources and organizing skills to maximize the potential value of the contents in your home and help you reach your goal of clearing it out at the same time.
  • We also provide additional services including vehicle sales, packing and shipping to out of the area family and friends, and content inventories. We specialize in creating unique solutions to your specific needs.

To read more about previous estate sales, and view photos, head over here.

All estate sales are posted at least several days in advance on the mailing list. Members of our mailing list are also eligible to attend special invite only events such as Thursday night pre-sales. You may add yourself to the mailing list by filling out the form below.

Kuzak's Closet Estate Sale Team