Over the weekend I threw together one of the easiest dish I make, BBQ crock pot chicken.  It only requires 2 ingredients, 3 if you want to get fancy. The chicken is perfect in salads and sandwiches and I love making a big batch so I have leftovers or to stick in the freezer for a day that I don’t feel like cooking.

Last Saturday was the big Michigan vs. Michigan State game I thought I would have a little mini tailgate for us while we watched the Wolverines finally beat Sparty.  The recipe is very simple…

4-6 boneless chicken breasts
1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce
1 can of pineapple chunks (this is optional and makes the chicken a little sweeter)

Please the chicken breasts on the bottom of your crock pot.  

If you are using 6 breasts pour the entire bottle of BBQ sauce on top.  If you are using 4 breasts pour 3/4 of the bottle of BBQ sauce on top.

Turn the crock pot on high for 3-4 hours or on low for 6-8 hours depending on your schedule.  Towards the end of the cooking process add the pineapple chunks if you want more of a Hawaiian BBQ flavor.  

When the chicken is cooked to perfection it will almost fall apart.  Shred the meat into small pieces with two forks and it is ready to be served.  If there is extra liquid with the chicken spoon it out with a soup ladle.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it!  I told you it is really simple!

For the game I decided to make BBQ chicken sliders with my tasty chicken.  I bought little slider buns at the store and set up a little sandwich bar with pickles and coleslaw.

The sliders were a big hit and I will definitely be adding them to my regular tailgate routine.  I hope you add this easy crock pot recipe to your fall and winter meal plan!