Today I am participating in a blog event that my sister told me about called 10 on 10 over at A Bit of Sunshine.  I chronicled my day on Monday, enjoy a day in my life…

7:30am: It’s garbage day so Harper is going nuts!  She hates the garbage trucks and I have tried everything to help calm her down.  I have found that the only thing that helps is if I keep her in the bathroom with me while I get ready for work, between my hair dryer and the bathroom fan she can’t hear the squeak of the trucks.

8:30am: Today I have a 4 man crew working at an estate with me, 2 of the guys who work with me regularly (Unga and Esa) meet at my house and we load up the truck.  Today I need to bring tables for the sale we are prepping for and a cooler filled with water and Gatorade.  Chris and I bought a truck in the fall and it has really paid off with my business, it is so much easier to haul stuff around and deliver furniture that I sell online.

9am: Arrive at my client’s house.  Today I am working at an estate in Los Altos.  I started working here back in March of 2011 and now that the house has sold I have a few weeks to prep for an estate sale before my client needs to move out.  I LOVE estate sales!  This sale is going to be huge, lots of great antiques and furniture.  We start the day by emptying out the large 6 car garage so we can start with a blank slate for the sale.  Here is what the garage looked like when we started…

10:30am: The garage has been emptied, we swept it out, set up tables, and start to bring antiques back in and organize them into “like” categories.

11:00am: We have moved a ton of stuff inside the garage but still have lots of boxes and furniture to go through…

11:30am: Aren’t these vintage reindeer holiday decorations neat?  It is 4 pieces, a sleigh, toys, and 2 reindeer.  I have never seen anything like it!

12pm: There is a barn filled with antiques attached to the garage, you can’t tell from this picture but there were several antique telephones, antique tools, trunks, furniture, vintage gardening supplies, trunks, and antique sleighs…

1pm: I had pizza delivered to the job site, I ordered 2 larges, one cheese, one supreme, and some bread sticks and man did they hit the spot.  I never take a lunch break but my assistant Devin helped me realize that people that work for me need to eat!  The guys devoured the pizza and then we got back to work.

1:15: The 5 of us start to unload the loft in the barn.  Esa and I handed down 7 large trunks, 4 horse drawn sleighs, antique plows and fruit crates to Jim, Lance, and Unga.  Unga and Esa are from Tonga and I don’t think they had ever seen a sleigh before, I guess it is pretty rare occurrence in California too since we don’t get much snow!  Poor Esa was stuck in the rafters with me for 2 hours, he was laughing at me because I was convinced that I was going to find a dead rat (luckily I did not).

3:30pm, the last sleigh gets moved down from the rafters!  It was much heavier than it looks and I will remember this project for the rest of my life!  I am so thankful that every day is fun and exciting!

From 3:30 to 4:30 we continued to move items into the garage and organize the job site.  There is going to be dumpster delivered tomorrow and I wanted to make sure everything was sorted, everything that I wanted my client to go through was put inside the house, all of the garbage was in a pile, and all of the items that were going to be sold or used for the sale were in one place.
5pm:  I arrived home and unload my truck and then come inside and spend some quality time with Harper.  I had 2 new clients call me and 3 new clients email me so I tried to respond to their calls and emails before Chris got home from work.  I have been so busy lately and I can’t complain, I love what I do and I do what I love.  I just wish that I could duplicate myself so people didn’t have to wait to work with me.
7pm: I baked BBQ chicken tenders in the oven to put on salads for dinner.  When Chris got home from work he told me about his day.  Since everyday is a fun day at Google there is always something new going on,  I guess next week we get to see a private showing of the Michael Jackson Circus Soleil which we be exciting.
8pm: After dinner I catch up on more emails and the blog and snuggle with Harper on the couch.  I decided to keep my mercury glass and snowflake mantle up through January.  I just love the battery operated candles in the mercury candle holders, they are definitely my favorite home decor item.

We watched our favorite show “Castle” and then hit the sack.  This week is going to be another busy week, I have 2 organizing sessions back to back tomorrow and then I will be back at the Estate on Wednesday and Thursday, Friday I have another long organizing session in Los Gatos and then Saturday I am working in San Jose.

I hope you enjoyed my day, please come back again soon and say hi!