It’s been a few months since I participated in A Bit of Sunshine’s 10 on 10 so today I am sharing 10 photos that sum up my week as a professional organizer.  I have spent my week working with a self confessed shopaholic, organizing paperwork and a home office, managing a local estate liquidation and prepping a hoarder’s home for an estate sale.  Let’s just say there hasn’t been a dull moment!
Before my Monday session I hit Home Depot bright and early to pick up some storage bins and I was pleasantly surprised with the selection of Christmas storage.  If you need to add or replace bins I would highly suggest picking them up now because they’ll probably be out of stock by Thanksgiving.
I have been working with a self-confessed shopaholic for a few weeks and it has been a great experience.  In addition to working with me she is working with a financial coach and a therapist so she is really focused on making a change.  We worked in her closet on Monday and Tuesday taking off the first layer of clutter.  Most people have 2-4 bags come out of their closets on the first pass, she had 20!  She made great decisions and I’m glad she has a great support system in place to keep her moving in a positive direction.  I’ll be going back for several more sessions over the next few months to help her achieve her goals.
I am SO THANKFUL that the election is over!  The entire campaign for both parties was driving me nuts and I was really getting annoyed with all of the negative chatter in my facebook news feed.

I drive past this wall mural almost every day and I crack up every time.  Don’t you think the guy on the left looks like Jim Bob Duggar and the guy on the right looks like Chandler Bing?  I wonder how many other people drive past thinking the same thing?

I worked with 2 different clients on Wednesday on paperwork organization.  While going through one of my clients files I found this “Call the Police” banner.  She bought it 25 years ago to put in her car in case it broke down.  Lucky for her she never needed it because it has been filed in a file marked security for all these years.  It might have been useful in the age before cell phones but I couldn’t stop laughing over the idea of it.
On Thursday I worked with my crew on an estate liquidation.  I am so thankful for the guys that work for me, they are so smart and efficient.  We were able to clear out a 3 bedroom condo in an elevator building in 5 hours.  All of the furniture was brought to my house to sell and the rest was hauled to Charity.  I listed this table at 3pm and by 6pm an antique dealer from San Francisco came to pick it up.  I love a quick turnaround!
Today started bright and early.  The first stop was Red Dog Shred, the best shredding spot in the bay area.  They charge $7 per bankers box, what a deal.
The rest of the day was spent working on another estate liquidation and sale prep.  My client’s step father passed away and he was an avid collector (some would call him a hoarder) of cameras, tools, and anything with wheels.  I had a huge dumpster delivered and at the end of the day it was completely full.  I love this picture of 3 of the 4 guys working on my crew.
Matt’s job was to take all of the boxes with the items that I thought we could sell at the sale inside the house and unpack them onto tables.  He looks so happy to be at work doesn’t he?  We’ll be going back to display and price the items in a few weeks and the sale will be the last weekend of the month.

There were SO many rolling carts, rolling shelves, rolling EVERYTHING!  This client loved everything with wheels so if you are in the market for a cart or a dollie stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the quick summary of my week!  Please make sure to visit A Bit of Sunshine to check out all of the other 10 on 10 participants this month.