Last night I volunteered at The Family Giving Tree, a non-profit organization that works to grant Christmas wishes for needy children. Each year, they work with family agencies to collect the wishes of the children. After they collect the wishes, the place the wish cards on “giving trees” at businesses in the area for volunteers to take and fulfill a child’s wish. The warehouse was filled with gifts to be sorted, wrapped, and delivered. Once the gifts are ready to be delivered, the Family Giving Tree gives the gifts to the family agencies to distribute, many times Santa will personally deliver the child’s gift which is so special. The Family Giving tree is run by volunteers and is very well organized, if you want more information or would like to donate go to

My job was to organize the gifts into neat rows that were in numerical order according to their category and gift number. If a gift was missing I went to the “store” to pick out a gift that the child asked for on their wish card. The little girls asked for a new outfit, play cooking sets, art supplies, and dolls and the little boys wanted new outfits, trucks, and skateboards. There was one wish that totally cracked me up, a little boy named Antonie asked for cologne or a boom box, what a little stud. It was humbling to know that most of the children were only going to get the gift that the Family Giving Tree was giving to them. Christmas is such a magical time of year for children, they all deserve a surprise under the tree. Times are tight for all of us which makes it that much more important that we all come together to donate and volunteer during the holidays so those who have nothing can have some joy.

The Family Giving Tree Warehouse

All of the gifts organized in rows

You can see the pile of gifts behind the woman
wrapping that need to be sorted and organized.
Many of the gifts included toothbrushes
and toothpaste, I think that is so important.
Many children asked for diapers and other everyday items.

If you are looking for ways to volunteer in your area, get online and check out the food pantries, animal shelters, and churches in your area. I found this opportunity through a group I joined on, an online networking tool. Meetup is was way to find people in your area who share common interested with you. I joined a group for women who are interested in working out, socializing, reading, and volunteering. There is something for everyone on Meetup, and, if you can’t find a group you want to join, you can start your own. Check out for more information.