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Hi, I’m Laurie from Handy Man, Crafty Woman.  Thanks so much to Amanda for having us guest post on her pretty blog!  I love looking at the “before” and “after” photos of Amanda’s organizing projects.    

Rob and I started our blog in 2009.  We have one son and live in New England.  We’ve been married for 13 years, and the house we live in now is the third house we’ve renovated.  You can read more about us here

One of our favorite projects in our current home was renovating our stairway.  We tore out walls, ripped up carpet, and rebuilt the whole stairway.  It was a lot of work, but it was so worthwhile!

Our first house was built in the 1830s; our second house was built in the 1860s.  We gutted and renovated the two houses inside and out.  It’s a good thing I have a “Handy Man”.  If we don’t know how to do something, we read about it first, then we dive right in. 

Our current house was built in the 1990s.  Yes, this is “new” to us!  However, it was quite a fixer-upper and a challenge.  We completely renovated our kitchen.  We put in new flooring, a new sink, new counters and painted the cabinets.
You can see more kitchen photos here.  I wrote several posts that show the ugly “before” kitchen, photos during the construction project, and more “after” photos.   

I love to scrapbook.  Rob refinished a kitchen island as a scrapbook table for me.
Like Amanda, I love to organize!  There’s always something to organize around the house, like our pantry
Organizing my stationery:
We also like to share recipes on our blog, like this Green Salad with Spiced Walnuts: 

Thanks so much, Amanda, for having us guest post on your blog!