Whether it’s holding an Estate Sale or listing items on Craigslist and eBay, I am always selling something online for my clients. It is fun for me and I love that it puts money back into their pockets. Below are a few of the items I have sold over the last few weeks.  I never know what type of items I will be selling and how much they will sell for, the online market changes all of the time.   If you know someone who needs to get organized and wants to make some money off the unwanted stuff around their house, send them to www.kuzakscloset.com.

 Vintage Pink Tulle Dress, $175 on eBay
49 iPod Nanos at $129.99 a piece on eBay
Lot of 8 iPhones, $1,080 on eBay
Franz Porcelain Bowl, $99.99 on eBay
Kate Spade Rain Boots, $79.99 on eBay
Chanel No. 5 Body Lotion, $59.99 on eBay
Grayco Baby Swing, $50 on Craigslist
 Fleurville DJ Diaper Bag for Dad, $30 on Craigslist
Peter Rabbit Children’s Dining Set, $19.99 on eBay
Just a reminder, I am holding an estate sale this Saturday, 
August 27th from 8am-3pm at 4953 Kenson Drive in San Jose
My clients are moving to London and need to sell everything,
email me if you would like a list of items available…