I am always selling something online for my clients. It is fun for me and I love that it puts money back into their pockets. Below are a few of the items I have sold over the last few weeks.  I never know what type of items I will be selling and how much they will sell for, the online market changes all of the time.   If you know someone who needs to get organized and wants to make some money off the unwanted stuff around their house, send them to www.kuzakscloset.com.

Chanel J12 Marine Ceramic Watch
$2,750 on eBay
Limited Edition Visionaire 59 Book Collection
$113.61 on eBay
 Elsa Peretti Thumbprint Bowl for Tiffany & Co.
$99.99 on eBay
Acer Netbook
$50 on Craigslist
Manolo Blahnik Suede Sandals
$49.50 on eBay
Black Bookshelf
$30 on Craigslist