Kuzak's Closet Fall Wardrobe Transition Organization Tips

In case you missed out, at the beginning of the year I launched my “8 Weeks to Home Organization Bliss” series (read here). I shared one of my favorite wardrobe tips – the best time to reorganize your closet is at the start of a new season. As you begin to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall I wanted to revisit some of those key tips that will help you usher in the cooler weather and prepare for the busy holiday season.


Transitioning a seasonal wardrobe is more than just incorporating new pieces into your closet. Before you trade in your tanks for turtlenecks, make sure you have room for your items with a little re-organization. Set-up a storage system by using bins to house spring/summer items such as bathing suits, shorts and light dresses. These bins can be stored under your bed, in your garage or inside an extra closet. If you have a small living space a simple master closet re-shuffle can do the trick, simply move winter coats up to the front along with your sweaters and pants.


Before you toss out or replace your favorite fall/winter shoes, bags and coats consider refurbishing them. Local cobblers are making a strong comeback in the Bay Area. For a small fee you can have your favorite shoes re-soled, cleaned and patched. Salt and water stains on leather boots can easily be cleaned and scuff marks on bags can be touched-up with a “painting” process. If you are near Palo Alto, European Cobblery has done great work for my team and clients.


Once you have pulled your winter pieces to the front of your closet and prepared your summer items for storage, it is time to purge. Really evaluate your individual pieces of clothing from undergarments to formal wear and determine which items are looking worn-out and/or no longer fit. Bodies change and styles change. It’s okay to toss out pieces you once enjoyed but may not be crazy about anymore. Local charities like Goodwill and Hope Services will happily accept your gently worn hand-me-downs.

Consider taking designer/popular labels to your local consignment store. We all have pieces that cost a fortune but were only worn once, or worse, outfits that still have the tags attached. Your local consignment store will gladly buy those gently used items. Two key tips to note when selling to consignment stores: 1.) they only buy in-season styles; 2.) they only buy pieces that are designer/popular brand name.

For the tech savvy, selling pieces online is getting easier and easier. Try an app called Poshmark. Free to download and easy to use, Poshmark allows you to make a virtual closet with the touch of your finger tips. You decide which items from your wardrobe are for sale, you set the price, the buyer transaction is automatic through the app, you ship your items to the buyer, all from the comfort of your home (learn more here). A fun fashion community, Poshmark is currently hosting “Closet Clear-Out Week”, offering great deals and guaranteeing shipping discounts (join the party here).


Every season has its signature staple pieces. While transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall, consider buying some of this fall/winter’s most stylish pieces.  A pair of boots, a classic coat and a leopard print accessory are a must-buy. Keep those pieces in plain view and try to re-work them into your wardrobe consistently to maximize your investment. Establishing a simple rack  in your bedroom or office, or claiming a spot in your closet is a great way to continually display these essential fall pieces to help you plan your outfits for the week. If you’re not ready to splurge on new pieces, layering is a great way to use what you have while taking your fall/winter look up a notch. Layer neutral colors or summer print dresses with fall sweaters and stylish booties for an updated seasonal look.