Yesterday I scheduled time to sort through a collection of jewelry and silver that I brought home from a client’s house a few weeks ago.  Sometimes it makes more sense for me to bring things home so that I can take my time to sort and research everything. (You may remember me bringing home a paperwork project last summer).

My client was given 2 suitcases from his mother’s estate and he and his wife were overwhelmed with the thought of sorting things out and trying to determine which items are valuable and which items are not.  I was excited to hunt for treasures in these two cases…

I started with the jewelry by unwrapping everything and sorting it on my dining room table.  Many of the items were costume jewelry but there were some treasures in the mix.

Like this beautiful vintage sterling cuff from Mexico!

And this gorgeous vintage turquoise necklace with over 240 stones!

All of these pieces are sterling silver and would be beautiful cleaned up or they could be taken to a jeweler to melt down if the family wants to make money for the estate.

The sparkly costume jewelry isn’t worth much but it sure is fun!

I organized all of the different types of jewelry into clear Ziploc bags.  For now they are going back into the suitcases but over the weekend I am going to pick up some bins which will make storing the collections more convenient.

Next I unwrapped all of the silver and placed everything on my dining room table making it easy to sort everything and research the makers and the potential values.

There was a lot of silverware to unroll!  Some was Reed & Barton and others were unmarked.  I did uncover a matching 8 piece place setting which will be nice for my clients to enjoy and pass down to their kids.

All of these pieces are vintage silver from the Sanborns company, a very rare find.  Each piece is very valuable so that was exciting!  I wrapped everything up and put it back into the suitcase for now, over the weekend it will find a home in a labeled bin too.

While I was busy working in the dining room Harper supervised me from the ottoman in the living room. (Someday I will show you what this room looks like).
She didn’t stay awake long, here she is just a few winks away from a nap.
It was a productive day and I really enjoyed staying home for a change! Harper really enjoyed having me home to herself too, she and I snuggled on the couch for a few hours and watched cooking shows and an E News Special about Whitney Houtson.  I need to schedule more quiet days like this one in the future!