I am so excited to have Ashley from Eisy Morgan guest blogging for me today.  She has a fabulous blog with lot of inspirational stories, beauty and style tips, and much much more!  Today she helping us all accessorize, something I personally struggle with.  Enjoy!

Hey all, I’m Ashley and I keep a little blog called EisyMorgan all about inspiring women! I am so excited to be able to be guest blogging here at Kuzak’s Closet. This is my very first guest post!!

I want to talk a little about how much I love the part of style known as… ACCESSORIZING! 
Now, let me begin by letting me say that I am NOT the most stylish person in all the world, but these are just a few things that I have learned. With that said, here are a few of my tips…

1) Don’t be AFRAID!!  This was my biggest problem for a lot of my life. I thought certain styles were only for “that” girl, whoever “that girl” is?? I would put a hat on and think I looked stupid in it, so I would rip it off my head before I ever saw anyone! Any accessory can as easily be your look as anyone elses! They are just a body that bought and wore that too, trust your sense of style! Even if that is a little different from your best friend, sister, whoever!!

2) ROCK IT!! When you go for that beret, headband, scarf, sunglasses etc that you have never tried before rock it like you have owned it for years. If you believe in your choices in style, then wear it with pride. There must have been something that drew you to that piece, so own it!

3) A few items to start collecting if you have no idea where to start (or if nothing less, a few things I have. ha ha)

  • SCARVES : I am in LOVE with scarves right now. Let’s say you aren’t particularly happy with some lumpiness going on in the mid section, not that any of us have that, this is hypothetical. Scarves are a great way to take away from that being out in the forefront. You can wear them so many ways and they can be dressy, casual, funky, etc. Not sure which style to go for first? Two tip ideas: Go for the colors you love or wear the most, OR find a look somewhere that you love and then purpose to look for that kind of scarf next time you are out shopping! Here are a few of mine! I have a scarf tying tutorial with different ways to tie one scarf here.

  • JEWELRY: We all have some sort of jewelry most likely. But it is an obvious key in the accessorizing. Obviously this is all about personal style. I tend to the funky. Big gaudy pieces are my piece of pie! I love big, different looking earrings and always dangly. In my humble opinion, some key pieces of jewelry to always have on hand is pearls, hoops, a chunky bracelet and a silver long necklace! Some days I feel like the posh sweater wearer (thus pearls) and other days a hip hop dancer wannabe (thus the hoops). I recently decided that I want to add big chunky rings to my collection too. I have 2, one thick fake diamond band and the other this owl (below). A piece that you wear often enough that people know you for it, funky, stylish. Fake it till you make it yall! OH and at least one pair of funky sun glasses. I still want some fab aviators!!
  • SHOES: Do we need help with shoes? Most of us have a small obsession, I do not have nearly as many as I would like. I have to say in the winter I frequent my UGGS and I just recently bought these black Wellies (rain boots) because I started seeing them in fashion and I just love them! Boots are essential, heels for me are infrequent as my husband a is a little shorter than me…shhhh! But a little bit of everything so you can go with your mood and of course, the weather!

  • BELTS: I need to add more of these myself. Right now I have these two wide belts, which I know are more OUT than in. Sorry. I need to get the skinny belts! But I have thicker parts (ahemm) so I think the thicker belts go with me for now! (Rockin my style, right ladies?)

  • HAIR ACCESSORIES: Another thing I love right now and (side bar promo) I am working on making several for an Etsy store which will be opened soon.(Slightly scary!) The two you see in the pic I made! I love headbands, flowers, etc. Again they are little things that you can slip in that just make you look “set apart”, I think that is what accessorizing is all about!

  • HATS: I have a confession, I have a HUGE noggin, so I have a harder times finding hats, but I still love them. Like I mentioned before these can be scary, especially a new style. But if you want to try and wear one do…I love the knit berets (stretch) and a simple cute baseball type cap. I have been wanting to try a fedora,  but again, large nog! ha ha
The best accessory by far is personality and smile!
Be yourself, no matter how weird that is. I find it endearing, maybe the world will too….

Speaking of being WEIRD, here are some of my photo bloopers, which I can not believe I am putting up…but here you go!!
So, I hope this may have helped someone a little bit! From my closet to yours, just remember, your accessories are another small way to set you apart and reflect a little of who you are, or how you are feeling at that particular time! Rock it!
Love, Ashley @ EisyMorgan