Today my sister Ashlie is kicking off Holiday Decor Week and I am so excited!  I ask my guest bloggers to answer 10 questions and share some photos of their holiday decorations.  Make sure to stop by the blog everyday to read about someone new!
Hi, I am Ashlie from Brining Babies. I am excited to share my favorite holiday
decorations and traditions with my sister’s readers! Enjoy!
I love these little cardboard houses.  
Placing them inside my decorative terrarium in my dining room is always fun.
1.) What is you favorite holiday tradition?  
I love going to our church’s candlelit service on Christmas Eve.  I admit that in the last few years it has been stressful.  I worry that our girls are too loud or fussy, but it is something that I have always done on Christmas Eve.  It is so fun and special to carry out this same tradition with my own family now.

2.) How does your family decide who gets to open the first present?
Whoever finds the pickle ornament on our Christmas tree gets to open the first gift! This is something I have not tried yet with my own family, but will definitely do when they get older!

A favorite ornament….I always think of my siblings when I hang it each year!

3.) Do you stay home with your family or travel to visit family, if you travel where do you go?
We stay at home.  All of my siblings live out of state and so if they are home we will get together with them at my parent’s house (only about a half hour away).  My husband’s sister also lives out of state so our Christmas with my in-laws is usually after Christmas when she is able to get home.

My mantel this year
4.) Where do you shop for your holiday decorations?
Everywhere! I pick up ornaments and decorations that I like as I see them.  I usually go towards ones with a more vintage old-fashioned feel.
5.) Your favorite trick for staying organized during the holidays?
I am a big list person.  By writing things down I feel like I am better able to tackle a holiday project or shopping trip.  I also try to pick up gifts here and there as the holidays approach.  I store all my gifts in a central location so nothing is lost or forgotten.  This year I have put things in a big tote so as I buy items I can throw them in.  I have stocking stuffers in 2 different bags inside the tote (1 for each of my daughters). Also, I do a lot of my shopping online which makes it a lot less overwhelming for me! I can avoid lines and crowded malls.
6.) What do you do with the holiday cards you receive from friends and family after the holiday’s are over?
I know this sounds horrible but I usually end up throwing them away.  I save my family member’s cards and store those in an album, but the other ones I get rid of after I have enjoyed them throughout the holidays.  This is advice I got from my organized sister! You can’t save everything!

My dining room buffet decor this year


7.) If you put up a tree do you use a live tree or a fake tree?
Fake tree!
8.) Favorite holiday cocktail?
A fun martini…I am partial to chocolate ones!
9.) If you have draw names for a gift exchange do you set a price limit and how much is it?  Do you pick a theme for the exchange and how do you draw names? 
My siblings and I draw names each year and our price limit is around $50. My husband’s family has done a variety of things; exchanged names, exchanged ornaments, and this year’s theme is “A Made for TV Christmas,” we are doing an white-elephant style exchange with items that we have seen on infomercials.  It should be interesting!
I love these little caroler girls.  They remind me of my girls.
Don’t you love the little hand that got in on this picture?


10.) What is your favorite holiday dessert and who makes it?
I am a cookie girl! My Mom has always made specific cookies each year during the holidays to give away to her friends.  Some of my favorites include her Russian Tea-Balls, Peanut Butter Kisses, and Imperial Cookies.