I hope you have been enjoying all of the wonderful holiday decor posts over the last week in a half!  Today Rebecca from Sister Dipity is excited to give you a peek at her sparkle and shine! Enjoy!

1.) What is your favorite holiday tradition? 

Our Christmas Eve traditions are my favorite! Every year we go to my parents’ house for oyster stew on Christmas Eve. We are all very dressed up and ready for church when we meet for dinner. My mom always has the table set so pretty with her Christmas china and crystal. Before we go to church we take pictures in front of mom and dad’s Christmas tree. Afterwards we all go to church together for the Christmas Eve service. I love singing “Silent Night” by candlelight with my church family. My own little family of 5 then returns home to change into our Christmas PJs. Daddy reads “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” and the Bible Christmas story from Luke 2. Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year!

2.) How does your family decide who gets to open the first present? 

We always look in our stockings first, but we don’t really have a set method for opening presents. We do take turns though.

3.) Do you stay home with your family or travel to visit family, if you travel where do you go? 

The farthest we have ever traveled is the 30 miles to each of the grandparents’ homes. I love being home for Christmas and wouldn’t want it any other way.

4.) Where do you shop for your holiday decorations? 

I shop everywhere for holiday decorations. My mom and sisters and I always have a “girl day” shopping trip to Frankenmuth, MI every year. I often get decorations at Bronners. I also get decor at my all-time favorite places – Hobby Lobby and Kohls! And, I am always on the look-out for treasures at dollar stores! Our local pharmacy is actually one of my favorite places to find decorations too. They have a wonderful gift and home decor selection. I like natural things too: pine cones, berries, twigs, and boughs.

5.) Your favorite trick for staying organized during the holidays? 

I MAKE LISTS! I make lists like CrAzY!! A few tricks I have learned…For the last several years I have hired a babysitter to entertain my kiddos upstairs while I wrap gifts downstairs or entertain the kids downstairs while I bake upstairs! I bake a lot all at once and keep it refrigerated or frozen. They when we are getting ready to go to a holiday get-together, I can just refill my pretty Christmas platter and we’re ready to go. Another thing I do that helps us stay organized is, when I wrap presents for my side of the family, I put them all in a big box and label the side in big letters “Bishop Christmas.” Presented wrapped for my husband’s family get-together go in a box labeled “Walker Christmas.” Having three little kids and rushing around to get everyone ready to go for a holiday event is hectic enough. Being able to just quickly have my husband grab the box that is labeled for that get-together is one less thing to worry about!

6.) What do you do with the holiday cards you receive from friends and family after the holiday’s are over? 

In the past I have punched a hole in the corner of each one and held them together with a book ring so the kids can look at them over and over. I always keep the photos and photo cards close friends and family send. My kids love looking at those too.

7.) If you put up a tree do you use a live tree or a fake tree? 

We have an artificial tree we purchased when our son, Hugh was born 10 years ago. He was born prematurely and was on oxygen his first Christmas. We were concerned he’d be allergic to the real trees we had always gotten in the past so we bought a very pretty artificial. My husband LOVED having no needles to clean up after Christmas. I’m afraid he’ll never let us go back to real although I think the kids would really enjoy the experience of going out to look for the perfect tree.

8.) Favorite holiday cocktail? 

A new one I just discovered: Cream Soda mixed with 2 oz. Stoli Salted Karamel Vodka. It tastes like a dessert! I’m looking forward to sharing this with guests this Christmas season.

9.) If you draw names for a gift exchange do you set a price limit and how much is it? 

Do you pick a theme for the exchange and how do you draw names? We do not draw names. Together my husband and I have three siblings and nine nieces and nephews. We probably should draw names but we don’t. I can’t imagine NOT giving my nieces and nephews a gift. I love shopping for each of them!

10.) What is your favorite holiday dessert and who makes it?  

I make chocolate truffles every year. See recipe HERE. I really like those and I like to give them as gifts. I also love those cornflake cookie wreaths.  My sister makes those every year. See recipe HERE. I guess there isn’t one dessert that really stands out to me though. I love all the sweets!
Me and my family – Christmas 2011

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