TGIF blog readers!  I wanted to remind you that my Holiday Decor Week starts on Monday December 10th and there is still time to volunteer.  All you need to do is tell me a little bit about yourself and your family, send me 4-8 photos of your holiday decorations, and answer these 10 questions.  Each day a new guest blogger will be featured so please volunteer!

Here is a look back at last year’s posts to give you some inspiration.  Email me if you are interested or if you have any questions, I will need your photos and answers by Wednesday December 5th.

1.) What is you favorite holiday tradition?
2.) How does your family decide who gets to open the first present?
3.) Do you stay home with your family or travel to visit family, if you travel where do you go?
4.) Where do you shop for your holiday decorations?
5.) Your favorite trick for staying organized during the holidays?
6.) What do you do with the holiday cards you receive from friends and family after the holiday’s are over?
7.) If you put up a tree do you use a live tree or a fake tree?
8.) Favorite holiday cocktail?
9.) If you have draw names for a gift exchange do you set a price limit and how much is it?  Do you pick a theme for the exchange and how do you draw names?
10.) What is your favorite holiday dessert and who makes it?
I hope I hear from you!