Scarves are so in style right now, I love them because they spruce up any outfit in a jiffy and they look very chic.  Many of my clients say, “I like scarves but how do I wear them?” Check out my tips below…

Add a patterned scarf to a classic
look.  I love the large contrasting
black and gray checks on the scarf 
below.  She is wearing it casually loose
around her neck, very cute.
Balance texture and style.  Below she
is wearing a delicate top and it looks
great paired with this colorful and
feminine scarf.  It adds an extra
punch of excitement to her look.
Add some color whenever you can. She 
is wearing a dark patterned dress and tights
this lavender scarf ties it all together.
I love this scarf knotted tightly around
her neck, it looks so pretty with her
neutral blouse and handbag. A scarf like
this directs traffic to your face, so pretty.