In March I asked you for your feedback and advice regarding which vacuum I should purchase. (Sometimes you need a push from your friends to try something new!)  I was so thankful for all of your comments on both the blog and my facebook page and after reading about your experiences will all of the different makes and models I decided to splurge and purchase a Dyson Animal DC 28 vacuum.

Our new home has a lot of carpet and I can’t believe how awesome the animal works!  Before we moved in our landlord had the carpets deep cleaned so I was surprised that the canister on my vacuum was half way filled after only a few uses.  It really sucks up everything and it is light so I can move it around the house in a flash.

I have always love to vacuum and now I am in heaven!  Our dog Harper also seems to like this vacuum.  Dogs can be really sensitive to the noise vacuums make and Harp used to growl and chase my old one around.  Even though it was funny to watch I knew it really stressed her out.  With the Dyson she still “supervises” me while I vacuum but she doesn’t get all worked up which is nice.

I ended up finding the model that I wanted at Bed Bath & Beyond and I was able to use coupons to save a bunch of money.  The Dyson vacuums may be expensive but I actually think they save money in the long run because of their 5 year warranty and the fact that they do not require special filters or bags.

Okay, enough about the Dyson, I am starting to sound like a commercial.  I just wanted to thank you for your input and let you know if you are in need of a new vacuum consider purchasing a Dyson, you will really love it.