I knew I would get you with the title!

This week on Sister Sister, Ashlie and I decided we would share some of our favorite books.  We both like to read and usually share books back and forth between each other, my mom, and my mother in law Pam.  Here is what we are reading…

Ashlie’s Picks
I go in reading spurts.  There are times where you will find me with a book in my hands at all times, and I may read 2 a week.  There are other times (like right now), that I do not read much at all. When I do have time to read one of my most favorite author’s is Nicholas Sparks’. I have read all of his books and have thoroughly enjoyed them!  The most recent book of his that I’ve read is, The Last Song.  It was a great book with a little bit of suspense. He is also an author that I will go back and reread at times.  His books are SO good!
Ever since I have become a mom there has been a stack of parenting books on my nightstand.  Touchpoints (Ages 1-3)  is an excellent book for new parents.  It gives you the major milestones to look for at each age of your child. I have also enjoyed reading ahead so I know what to expect and get prepared for! One of my friends recommended it to me after I had the girls and it is one that I have since recommended to other new parents and expectant moms. 
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is a book that really helped me get my girls on a good sleep schedule/ routine.  There was a time when I thought I will never have “down time” again.  When one of my girls was up, the other would sleep and vice versa.  With the help of this book and some hard work I can proudly say that my girls have been great nappers and sleepers since they were about 5 months old.  When we do hit a little rock in the road, this is the book I always turn too!
Mandy’s Picks
I really enjoy reading but I also go in spurts.  Even since I started blogging I have slowed down on my reading habits, I am hoping with the warm weather and sunshine in California, I will make time to sit on my deck and read more often. 
The Wednesday Sisters is a great read, my mom bought it when she was visiting me in the fall and she left it for me to read.  It is about a woman who moves from Chicago Illinois to Palo Alto California (sounds like me right?).  It takes place in the 1960’s and 70’s so it offers a great description of popular events of those decades and a great story of friendship.
My favorite author as of lately is Mary Kay Andrews, she writes the funniest books about fabulous southern women who love food, men, and antiques.  All of her books are hysterical, she is inspiring me to write one of my own (someday).  The first book I read of her’s is called Savannah BluesOnce I finished it I picked up Hissy Fit.  I passed them on to my mom and my mother in law who then passed back to me the Fixer Upper and Savannah BreezeThe are refreshing and easy to read, the kind of remind of of the shopaholic series with a little more umph.  Pick one up today.

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