Each Sunday my sister Ashlie and I co-write a blog post about our favorite things called Sister Sister Sunday. Sister Sister Sunday is a great way for us to keep in touch every week and stay connected.   Each week our theme changes so make sure to visit us every Sunday to check out what we are into next!  This week we are so lucky to have sisters Alexandra and Charlotte guest blogging for us.

Last Week’s Favorite!

Each Sunday we host a “Linky Party” so all of you can share your favorite things with us.  Thank you all for linking up last week, we have so much fun checking out your posts and reading about your families.   Our favorite post from last week’s party came from Joseph Grainery.  He shared his recipe for Ginger Snap Cookies (our Grandpa Orr’s favorite cookie), check out his blog for the recipe and much much more. 

Now on to Sister Sister Sunday! 
This week we are so excited to have sisters Charlotte and Alexandra guest posting for us.  They are going to share their favorite beauty products right now, make sure to take notes to add these items to your wish list this Christmas because these women are experts in the beauty business! 

So Pretty! Alexandra on the left, Charlotte on the right.
Charlotte’s Picks
I have had the privilege of working with my sister in our skincare & makeup company, Step Beyond Beauty for over three years. What has been most rewarding, is that we can say anything to each other, and keep the lines of communication clean. She knows what’s going on with me, and I know what is going on with her. We counsel each other, and stand for each other. We don’t always agree, but even in the toughest times we know that we each have each other’s best interest at heart.

My #1 favorite Rodan+Fields product is the anti-acne UNBLEMISH Regimen. I have suffered with some form of blemish or breakout since I started into my 30’s. I never had clear skin. There was always some blemish that required cover-up, which not only drained my spirit, but my pocket book and my TIME. It takes forever to successfully camouflage pimples. With UNBLEMISH, my acne cleared up almost overnight, and I have had virtually no outbreaks in over 3 years.


Another favorite product from Rodan+Fields is our ANTI-AGE Eyecream. No one over the age of 18 should be without it—including guys! It works three ways: it has ingredients that continually draw moisture from the air to keep the delicate eye skin hydrated; it is packed with peptides to rejuvenate the skin, and has optical diffusers which act cosmetically to lighten and brighten the typically dark areas under the eyes.

Lastly, my favorite product from the Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup line of 100% natural, organic mineral makeup is the Ancient Elixir™ Setting Spray. Made of distilled water, copper and silver, it has anti-bacterial qualities, which reduce surface germs, and it also brightens the skin. It works with any makeup – not just Ancient Stones — to enhance your natural glow and have the makeup appear flawlessly as part of your skin.

Alexandra’s Picks
I am very thankful for my sister. We balance each other in wonderful ways. I enjoy spending time with her, and being in business together allows us the chance to do so even more, but with lucrative, educational and inspiring purpose! There is no need to step gingerly over issues or avoid touchy subjects. And our diverse talents allow us each to shine in our area of expertise and truly complement each other’s abilities. 

ANTI-AGE Day Cream, now new and improved with even more effective peptides and SPF 30! Doctors Rodan+Fields are constantly innovating to bring the latest improvements to their product lines, and ANTI-AGE is the most recent beneficiary. Why I love it: non greasy, very hydrating, pleasant scent, simple packaging, and quite frankly the best moisturizer I have ever used!

ANTI-AGE Night Renewing Serum. Also recently improved for greater peptide effectiveness, the night renewing serum is packaged in individual use capsules to ensure the product is at its most effective potency the moment it is applied. Used in conjunction with the AMP-MD Roller, the serum is allowed to penetrate past the top layer of skin for deeper treatment and faster results. Why I like it: it feels so wonderfully silky smooth going on, and I can see very obvious results in the diminishing of fine lines, in particular around the eyes. 

SEYKA’S PINK– the latest new eyeshadow from Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup . The ASMM ladies are so awesome – they can take one look at a woman and just know what will make her shine with full on intense beauty! They recently met my precocious daughter who adores their vibrant, healthy, gorgeous mineral makeup. She loves pink. They loved her. Her name is Seyka. Voila – Seyka’s Pink was born!  This is item is so new that there isn’t a picture yet, contact Alexandra directly for more information.

To order any of these products or for more information about Rodan + Fields or Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup please contact Alexandra at:

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