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Last Week’s Favorite! 

Each Sunday we host a “Linky Party” so all of you can share your favorite things with us.  Thank you all for linking up last week, we have so much fun checking out your posts and reading about your families.   Our favorite post from last week’s party came from Little Eme, isn’t this little hat adorable, we just love the bow!

Mr. Clean Giveaway!

In honor of my 30th birthday, Ashlie and I are giving away 2 of our favorite Mr. Clean cleaning products!  Yes, we are giving away a full size Mr. Clean Bath Cleaner and a package of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, both products now feature the fresh scent of Febreze!

Recently Mr. Clean contacted us, (not the real Mr. Clean, one of his cleaning elves) and asked if we would be interested in trying out the new Febreze Bath Cleaner and Magic Erasers.  It was right before the holidays so we were both excited to see how these new fresh products would hold up with all of our guests in town.  Here is what we had to say about them…

Ashlie’ Review

I have been a fan of the Mr. Clean magic erasers for a long time now, however I have never used the Mr. Clean bathroom cleaners.  When I got sent my free sample a month ago, I admit I was a bit skeptical about trying out a new bathroom cleaner (unlike my sister–cleaning is not one of my favorite hobbies!).  Scrubbing down the shower and sink areas of my bathroom with this Mr. Clean Febreze scented bathroom cleaner was surprisingly enjoyable.  I normally dread the harsh chemical smells of most bathroom cleaners.  I loved the Lavender Vanilla scent of this cleaner.  It wasn’t strong and overpowering.  Instead it left the bathroom with a fresh scent.  Even hours after I finished cleaning the bathroom, I could still smell a hint of the lavender scent each time I walked in.

Will I buy this product in the future…absolutely! I love that it gets rid of germs, cleans what it is supposed to, and smells great!  Mr. Clean I am a fan!

 Love the fresh lavender scent!
Both products left my bathroom clean and fresh…
Mandy’s Review

I love to clean and I have a list of products that I love to use and always recommend to my professional organizing clients.  One of the products that has been on my list for a long time is the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  I use mine to get the grime and build up off my glass shower door, my tub, my sink, remove scuff marks on the walls.  I love the new and improved Febreze erasers because they leave things looking and smelling fresh and new.

I have tried a lot of bath cleaners in my day and it takes a lot to impress me.  Typically I have found if it smells fresh it doesn’t work well.  I was happy that this was not the case with the Febreze scented Mr. Clean Bath Cleaner.  Over the holidays we had guests in town and there were 4 adults sharing one bathroom.  I used the Mr. Clean Bath Cleaner everyday to disinfect the space and I love that it smelled fresh and clean for my guests.

I wanted to share some before and afters with you to demonstrate just how well these products work.  I can’t believe I took pictures of my dirty bathroom but it just proves to all of you who read my blog that I do let it get dirty once in awhile.  Do you struggle with removing the soap build up on the little soap ledge in your shower?  I use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it removes the film in a flash, check it out…

I also get a lot of build up on the bathroom faucet so I used the Magic Eraser to remove it and then sprayed the Mr. Clean Bath Cleaner on the rest of the counter so everything would look fresh and clean.

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