Each Sunday my sister and I co-write a blog post about our favorite things called Sister Sister Sunday. Ashlie started blogging a few years ago when she found out she was expecting twins.  I decided to follow in her footsteps after I moved to California last fall.  Sister Sister Sunday is a great way for us to keep in touch each week and stay connected.   Each week our theme changes so make sure to visit us every Sunday to check out what we are into next!

Last Week’s Favorite!
Each Sunday we host a “Linky Party” so all of you can share your favorite things with us.  Thank you all for linking up the last few weeks, we have so much fun checking out your posts and reading about your families.  Our favorite post from last week’s party came from Amy over at “Serving Pink Lemonade.”  She made this darling take-along doll house.  It is so darling, make sure to check out her blog for lots of craft ideas for kids.
Now on to Sister Sister Sunday!
Summertime is such a great time of year, when Ashlie and I were growing up we spent our summers at sports camps, swimming in our family pool, and playing with our friends (many of which we shared).  Now as adults we both love to garden, put our feet up and read a good book, cook, and relax with our families.  The things we couldn’t live with back then are probably a little different that what love now. Check out the 5 things we can’t live without for summer.

Ashlie’s Picks

1.) Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturizing Gel  
I bought this product last summer and now am hooked! This aloe fresh moisturizing gel makes your skin feel refreshed after a long day at the beach or pool.  I will often use it after I get out of the shower to rinse off the layers of sunscreen and chlorine. This is a summer must have!
2.) Lands End Totes 
I have received a couple of these totes as gifts and they make an awesome beach bag!  They are so convenient and handy for those car rides to the beach.  I have one for each of my daughters and they have been used often when taking them and all of their junk to their grandparents houses! 

 3.) Any Mary Kate Andrews book! 

Nothing says summer like a great paperback to read! I love the humor and sassiness in each of Mary Kate Andrews’ books.  All of her books that I have read are set in and around the area of Savannah, Georgia.  If you haven’t read a Mary Kate Andrews books give her a try on your next trip to the beach or pool!
4.) Essie Nail Polish  
I have always enjoyed a good pedicure. With sandal season in full force it is always fun to try out the new summer shades of nail polish on your toes! Essie Nail Polish is one of my favorites.  Their summer colors are beautiful…I am partial to the Knockout Pout. Target now carries Essie nail polishes, so next time you are out and about pick up a new shade to freshen up your toes for summer.
5.) Redken Sheer Straight  
If I don’t use some kind of straightening gel in my hair during hot humid summer days I end up looking Diana Ross (think Monica from Friends when they were all in Jamaica!).  It is not a pretty site.  Recently I put this product to the test when my brother got married in South Carolina.  It was hot and humid everyday I was there.  I finger-combed this product in my hair while it was damp and styled it like normal.  I love this product.  I was frizz free for the wedding 

 Mandy’s Picks
1.) Banana Boat Continuous Spray Sunscreen
If I don’t wear sunscreen watch out, I turn into a lobster within minutes!  My skin is high risk for skin cancer so I have to be protected at all times.  I love this spray because I can reach my back all by myself.  Plus it is cool and refreshing when you spray it on.
2.) J.Crew Leather Capri Sandals
Every summer I by a few pairs of these sandals, in either gold, black or silver.  They are so flattering and match every outfit.  By the end of the summer they start looking a bit worn out so I just toss them and get new pairs the next summer.  This year they priced them higher than ever so I waited for them to go on sale before I invested.  

3.) My Camera, the Sony Alpha 380 DSLR
I bought this camera late this spring and I can’t live without it.  This summer has been so fun so far and I want to capture every minute of it.  It has been fun testing out all of the settings, it has made such a difference in the photos of food for the blog and for eBay sales.  
4.) Tejava Iced Tea
Call me a survivor, I have not had a diet coke in 7 months.  I know, it is quite the accomplishment…(pause for the round of applause).  Tejava iced tea has really helped me get over my cravings this summer, I pour it over ice and pop in some lemon slices from my lemon tree for instant pleasure.
5.) Honeywell QuickSet Fan 
We don’t have air conditioning which is pretty common in California.  Most nights it cools off enough to be comfortable but for extra circulation I rely on this fan when we sleep.  I love that it has a remote control so I can adjust the settings from bed. 
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