Living in a new town without a TV or friends and family close by, I have had to come up with creative ways to keep myself entertained. A few nights ago I came across a Stampin Up kit that was given to me last Christmas that I hadn’t used. I decided to pour a glass of wine and make the cards in the kit, I figured it couldn’t be that hard. Well, I was wrong, it is tough to get every stamp in the right place and I am a left hander and everyone knows that lefty’s can’t tie bows. There was a preset pattern I was supposed to use but I just couldn’t get mine to look right. After a few ugly attempts I decided to get rid of the kit instructions and just use my creative juices. The photos above are of some of the cards I crafted, below is what they were supposed to look like. Needless to say, I don’t think I will be in the stationary business soon and I give you stampers much more credit.