The summer is over which means that our Hot or Not?! series must also have its finale.  It was such a great series, I know my sister and I had so much fun trying out new products, reading your comments, and following your suggestions!

We’ve decided that we will still put together Hot or Not posts here and there throughout the year so stay tuned and keep sending along suggestions for products that you would like us to try.

As promised, we will be giving away a goodie box FULL of great HOT products.  I used my estate sale merchandising skills to put together the above preview of what you can expect to find in your mailbox if you are the winner!  In addition to the items in the photo there will also be a Kuzak’s Closet t-shirt in your size, woot woot!

Today is your last chance to enter to win so please roll the dice and leave one last comment for us!  All of the comments will be put into a spreadsheet and a lucky winner will be announced this Friday so keep your eyes peeled! Thank you and Good Luck!