Beautifully Blue Playroom

This organized playroom is such a dreamy space! My favorite design feature is having the open shelving on the bottom of the cabinet so little hands can pull out exactly what they want to play with.

This entire space was custom built for our clients and we got to get involved during the planning phase and then once the home was ready for them to move in we spent a few sessions at their previous home purging and packing up toys so everything could be unpacked and organized in an instant! In their previous home they had a playroom setup in the garage as well as toys in each of the children’s rooms.

This home is much larger making it that much more important to get a streamlined system in place to avoid the slow toy invasion and possible toy takeover on the rest of the house.  If you have kids you totally understand. If you don’t have kids, picture toys being like paperwork, they multiply when a proper organizational system isn’t in place. Our goal was to have all of the toys for the 4 children stored and played with in this space that is right off the living room and kitchen and we did just that!

The 4 children in this house range from a 7 year old to a new born so it’s very easy on little hands and inviting for little eyes.

The custom cabinetry goes from floor to ceiling and when we were done getting this space unpacked and organized it wasn’t even 50% full.  They have lots of room to expand as the children grow!

The flooring in this space is by FLOR which is peel and stick tiles.  Perfect for potential messes and a temporary carpet solution if you are looking for one.

Drawers are filled with arts and crafts supplies…

We installed drawer organizers so everything can be divided and quantified! Seeing a full divider of scissors lets you know you don’t to shop for more!

I love that the design of this room matches the rest of the house.  It doesn’t SCREAM playroom so ask the children grow this room can transition with them and also be transformed for so many other purposes.

Rules to live by if you want to create a space like this in your home are…

1.) Less is more! Purge and then plan!

2.) Invest in uniform storage! Children’s toys come in a variety of colors and sizes so curb the visual clutter that that creates by storing items in matching bins, matching shelving, etc.

3.) Maintain it regularly!Dump out the baskets and resort the items, purge unwanted items as children grow, and update labels so kids and family helpers can help maintain the system in place.

I hope this space inspires you to sort and purge all of your children’s toys this summer before school starts! If you get them involved in the sorting and decision process they will be more likely to participate in maintaining the space!

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  1. What a gorgeous playroom. It will really work as they grow and even after it becomes an “empty nest”. Another fabulous job.

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