Beautifully Organized Craft Cabinet

A client recently reached out to ask me to help her create a storage space for all of her kids crafts in their living room.  Her goal was to have a functional and organized space that wouldn’t be an eye sore the open concept space and we accomplished just that by clearing the clutter and creating a beautifully organized craft cabinet.


The black hutch previously stored extra serving and entertaining items that we were able to purge or find a new home for in the dining room. With a blank slate I took some measurements and picked up some of my favorite products that would organize everything from stickers to glue while blending in with the rest of the decor.

Craft Cabinet Ideas

When blending organization with decor it’s important to create a uniform template.  You can see that I chose 3 larger baskets to hold and conceal bulky items and 6 smaller bins with lids to subdivide smaller goodies like glitter and crayons.  The labeling can be changed as her children grow.


Nothing beats a chalk label if you ask me!



I love the texture of these baskets and the mix of black and tan.  You can find them at Pottery Barn and The Container Store.



For popular items like colored pencils and markets I repurposed small galvanized buckets that she already had.  I love the size of these little guys because they can only hold a small amount which will curb the urge to over buy (especially with 4 kids)!



So pretty!



We styled the top of the cabinet with her owl cookie jar collection and it really looks cute.  The bright colors tie in with the craft supplies and it gives the cabinet a whimsical feel…



DSC05083 DSC05084 DSC05085

The cabinet has hidden shelving below that we stored popular toys for her little three year old twins.  They can easily access them but they aren’t an eyesore.


We used bins sparingly in this area, only containing the small bits and pieces from the play kitchen.


We transformed this space in just a few hours and it looks great! Prior to creating this craft cabinet there were crafts in three different areas in this home so the consolidation was necessary and working with the existing craft cabinet we were able to prioritize what should stay and what should go based on space and popularity with the kids.

Sometimes making a space as beautiful as it is organized will help encourage use and maintenance and this project is definitely proof of that!

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