Organized Children’s Closets: 4 Times The Inspiration!

It is always a treat to organize a space for a child and for this project we had 4 times the fun! Our clients built their dream home with lots of bells and whistles but they smartly decided to go simple when it came to the design for the children’s closets.  All of the closets are the same making it easy to create an organized system that won’t just stick with one, but with all 4.

When I had the opportunity to review the storage plans with their builder I was happy to see simple closet layouts, with long hang on one side and double hang on the other with simple shelving in between.  These basic systems are great for children to grow into and can be flexible as sizes and interests change.  While they are young you can store bulky items on the floor under the long hang and use small baskets to divide and conquer all of the baby and toddler supplies.  As they grow they can stack jeans and sweatshirts on the shelves or use them for books and toys.

I wish I had some earth shattering tips on organizing children’s closet for you in today’s post but it’s all about the basics I’m always preaching about.  My rules are #1 keep it simple, #2 live with less, #3 sort and store items in like categories, and #4 add uniform containment that matches the style of the space.

This first closet belongs to a two-year-old boy, he is the youngest of the three boys in this house.  Lots of things get passed his way (you might have noticed 2 of the same sweaters hanging in the closet) but his mom likes to keep his wardrobe minimal so putting away laundry isn’t a complete pain.

We used these blue and beige baskets in his closet and his older brother’s closet.  They are from The Container Store and they are so darn cute! Perfect for a little boy’s room!

For a neater look we divided supplies into baskets, removing them from their packaging for a neater look and the ease of grab-and-go. It might seem like an extra step but it actually helps curb overspending on supplies that all to often get tucked on the top shelves out of sight.

Little shoes! Adorable!

This next closet belongs to our 2-year-old’s older brother who is four. He also has a dresser for folded clothing in his room so this space is dedicated to hanging clothes and toys. We created a similar system as you can see, nothing earth shattering but it’s clean and uniform.  Isn’t that what all busy moms want to see when they open a closet door, a clean and uniform system? I know it soothes my soul!

His room had more of a neutral theme so we opted for whitewashed baskets from The Container Store.  I like this particular product because they always seem to have it in stock and it comes in a variety of sizes.  Down the road if he needs to use the shelves for something else these baskets can be re-used in another space in the home.

The shark boots are my favorite!

Toys are minimal in all 4 rooms because they have a dedicated playroom off the kitchen which I’ll be sharing with you soon.  With 4 children it’s best to have toys stored and used in one place otherwise toys will takeover the entire house.

The boys share a hall bathroom that we stocked with drawer dividers to keep supplies contained.  I love the drawers on the bottom of this custom vanity!

The oldest boy is 6 and his closet looks just like the rest.  Simple custom cabinets with blue and beige baskets to store his goodies on the shelves.  You can tell he is the oldest because he has the least amount of shoes! 

In between their rooms they have a fun reading area for all of their books.  I can’t share total room shots because this home will be featured in a few magazines but these little shots give you a preview of how cute it is! These hanging shelves are amazing!

The last room is for their baby sister who was born in June.  She hadn’t arrived yet when we set up her room but she had a full wardrobe in place.  We dolled up the space with pink hangers and cute baskets and found room in the closet for larger baby items like the pack and play and a breast feeding pillow. This little closet is so darn sweet!

We used simple Hampton woven storage bins from The Container Store that coordinated with the carpet and the curtains for her supplies on the shelving.  Her closet also has wallpaper on the back wall just like her mama’s. Love it!

Lots of organizing inspiration for your eyes in this post so I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll be back with a peek at their playroom next so stay tuned!

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  1. Great job as always. Hope you are featured in the magazine article. Let us know the magazine so I can buy it.

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