Organized Craft Cart

It’s hard to believe it’s been over 100 days since Kuzak’s Closet paused services due to Covid-19. I’ve been offering virtual organizing sessions to our current clients as well as take-home projects if possible.

A long time client reached out for advice on organizing her children’s art supplies.  She had a dedicated craft and playroom until recently when she decided to give her twins their own bedrooms.  Because of the shift, her space needs changed. With this in mind I knew a rolling cart that could come in and out of a closet would be the most functional option. After exchanging ideas and photos over email we decided that it would be the perfect project for me to pickup off her porch, organize at home, and deliver the next day.

I had her gather all of the arts and crafts goodies and leave them on the porch.  We’ve worked together for years so she trusted my judgement to purge out old dried out supplies etc.

I sorted and purged outside on my patio, questions were asked and answered over text. Easy peasy!

I preordered the supplies that I needed ahead of time so the overall project turnaround would only take a day or two. All of the items came from Amazon.

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Cart/MDesign Craft Caddys/Novelink Plastic Mason Jars

MDesign products are often my go-do and the mason jars are perfect for little ones because they won’t break if if they are dropped.

Assembling the cart was the most time consuming part of the project, as you can see it arrived in 700 pieces!

Once the cart was assembled everything else fell into place.

Honey-Can-Do has several cart options and I chose this particular style based on the items that I needed to store, I love that the back can hold larger craft and coloring books, craft tape, and more!

All loaded up for delivery!

This was a quick and easy transformation that will be so much more fun and functional for her three tiny artists to enjoy all summer long!

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