“His” Organized Dream Closet

I’m back with “his” organized dream closet, it’s just around the corner from “her” space that I shared last week.  It’s light and bright with a great window, lots of space for hanging clothes and drawers for everything else.

In the cabinets on the right we stored all of his t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, and hoodies.  I did a tri-fold for his t-shirts so he could easily spot his favorite for the day…

In the main closet we swapped out all of the mis-matched hangers and sorted likes to be hung next to likes.  I think the ultimate compliment that I received on this project was from the AV guy who was working on equipment stored in the upper corner of this space.  After everything was unpacked and organized he came in to make some final adjustments and said…”wow, you even got him a new wardrobe!” I laughed so hard and have myself a pat on the back, I guess it looked that much better!

We organized dozens of spaces without buying single product but I always add hangers when I can.  They really help give a closet that uniform boutique luxury feel.

The small island with drawers under the window is perfect for socks and undies, accessories, and the counter top makes a great landing zone for business cards and spare change.

I used the same shimmer and shine bins from “her” closet to so the two spaces would have a common feel.  His bins store ski accessories, travel accessories, etc.

So many of my Silicon Valley clients ask me to give them a “grown up closet” and I think mission was accomplished on this one.  Suits are front and center, ready for that next meeting and investment deal!

This project was a little easier that “her” side because we were organizing fewer elements but it turned out perfect with simple products, uniform design, and lots of light and most importantly ORGANIZATION!

I’ll be back with my next space from this gorgeous dream home and I think I’m going to head to the mud room! See you soon!

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