Dreamy Master Closet: A Shoe Gallery for Him, A Shoe Gallery for Her…

This dreamy master closet has to be one of my favorite projects of 2017.  If you are thinking, hey, there is no way it can be more gorgeous that the designer mudroom and pantry that I shared with you last week my answer is that it is from the same house.  Both were apart of a large relocation project that we organized in the fall for a family moving from one home in Menlo Park to another.

We start all of our projects with an organizing consultation so that we can create and action plan and a timeline. This project fell into our full relocation services which means we help with purging and packing at the current home, coordinate with a professional mover to get them moved over to the new home, unpack and organize all of the contents at the new home.  I love these projects because it’s full circle and so much more efficient than having the movers just pack up everything and bring it over to the new house.  There is nothing I hate more than opening up a box packed up by a moving company just to have my clients tell me “I didn’t want that to come here”, or “that should be donated.”.

We started the initial consultation at our client’s current home to get a feel for volume and organizing standards and then went over to their future home to get a feel for storage, layout, size, and goals. After the consultations were completed I went back to the office to run some numbers and come up with an action plan that involved pre-move purging sessions, packing and unpacking, move management, organization, and liquidation of their former home. When I say full circle I mean it!

When I first laid eyes on this walk-in closet it was still in process but there was enough in place that I knew it was going to be light, bright, and stunning! I knew they really wanted to fit into the space without having overflow in other closets so I decided to schedule their SECOND pre-move purging session in their existing walk-in.  Why the second you ask? Purely psychological.

I knew if I scheduled the first pre-move purging session in their boys rooms my client would gain a ton of momentum and confidence from purging their clothing and toys.  My goal was to take that momentum into the second session so she when she was faced with my magical rolling rack of maxi dresses she wouldn’t panic, she would simply be realistic about what she loves and wears.  This client has great style and the perfect figure so it’s hard for her to say goodbye and I can’t blame her because everything looks so darn good on her.  I mean, when you have mom-bod like me (and I don’t even have kids) and not everything fits all of the time it’s much easier to say goodbye and let go. Needless to say, my planning and tactics worked and when it came time purge her closet she had the confidence to let go.

After that purging session we took and inventory of what was left/loved and measured hanging space and headed over to the soon to be new home to revisit.  It was obvious at that point that we needed to add additional storage, especially on his side.  Where you can see the sweaters and jeans folded in the bottom photo, that area was originally meant for long hanging space.  Since he didn’t have many long items to hang we adjusted it to be for shelving and we were early enough in the finish stage that it wasn’t an issue for the builder.


One the left side there were 1/3 of the shelves there originally because it was meant to be for sweaters and jeans but we needed to triple the space for shoe storage and I’m glad we did.  He needed his own shoe gallery big time and believe it or not, he had more shoes than this when we moved in but having the limited space encouraged him to let go of a few more.

His side of the closet has to be one of the best “his” closet’s I’ve ever worked on.  I questioned why it looked so organized compared to others and I realized it was the uniform look of all of the dress shirts, they are all made by the same maker (J.Crew, he knows what he likes) and he really wears everything in his closet so it’s all the same shape and style.  This closet is such a great visual to what the current Silicon Valley tech wardrobe looks like…

Well, that’s his side, now on to her side…

On her side she has just as much double hanging space plus long hanging space and lots of shelving.  She honestly couldn’t taken up this entire closet on her own but their goal was to share it all managed to fit and be functional.

This is her entire winter-spring-summer-fall wardrobe in a snapshot.  Since we layer so much here in the bay area it doesn’t really make sense to divide up the wardrobe by seasons.  It’s a bit more packed that I would like but I really didn’t want her to have clothing in multiple closets.  It invites clutter creep and overspending, I just don’t like either one of those things. The reality is if it doesn’t fit in your main closet you really don’t need it.

As the seasons change we can adjust which pants go on which shelves, move the sweaters down, etc…

I don’t share too many inside-drawer shots because they can be so personal but since I shared his tie drawer here is a peek at her costume jewelry drawer. We used simple jewelry organizers to divide out her costume jewelry and kept it clear so everything would be visual and hopefully worn more often.

Since the title of this post mentions that they each have a shoe gallery you are probably wondering where her’s is.  This little shoe heaven is just behind the closet doors, in the hallway walking at the entrance of the master bathroom, Carry Bradshaw eat your heart out!

Talk about shoe heaven!

Another beautiful closet at Kuzak’s Closet! I hope you enjoyed a tour and even though a designer space like this isn’t feasible for all of it there is still a ton of organizing inspiration to take away and implement in your closet (no matter how big or how small) at home!

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