Here’s Looking at You Kid!

Fun Felted Animal Wall Playroom Decor

Here’s looking at you kid! Literally!

This amazing animal wall was just one of the elements we added to this adorable playroom to make it more fun and functional.  Before this recent makeover the room was dark, cluttered, and lacking a good flow to encourage 4 sweet children to sit and stay (play) awhile.

Felt Animal Mounts for Playroom Decor, Whimsical and Organized Playroom

As always, we started by sorting the toys into categories and purged what we could. Anything missing pieces, damaged, or just plain unpopular was processed for donation and recycling. When a playroom has too much to offer it can be overwhelming for little ones so less can be so much more.

After the purge we rearranged the furniture, added a fun rug and reading teepee and found home for the favorites on a single shelving. Items like play cars, dress up costumes, and puppets were corralled in soft open bins and larger playhouses and duplo trucks and airplanes were displayed on the shelves.

Organized and Playable Playroom, Simple Shelving and Visible Toys

As you can see the volume of toys is very minimal.  In addition to the items on the shelf there is a large doll house in the room and overflow toys stored in the closet that can be cycled in and out to keep it interesting.

Simple Shelving and Chevron Rug in an Organized Playroom

The teepee from Land of Nod has been the most popular element since our makeover.  The four kiddos love to take their turn snuggling inside to read books and enjoy quiet time!

This client is a hoot to work with, when she asked “how good are you at hanging animal heads?” I was reminded that I’m doing exactly what I am meant to do! She had a collection of fun felt and plaster mounts that she bought at Target, Anthropologie, and Land of Nod over the years, they were taking up valuable storage space in the guest room closet until they made their debut in this sweet little space.  We started with the lion and curated the rest to create a band across the wall, it turned out to be such a fun addition to the room.

Fun and Kid Friendly Playroom with Reading Teepee from Land of Nod and Animal Wall

What a great visual for this space, I love the mix of sizes and textures…

Whimsical Playroom with Felt Animal Head Decor

In just a few hours this space went from drab to fab and so much more playable which was our client’s main goal. She is going to be able to keep it organized and the simple systems we have in place will be easy for the whole family to maintain.


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  1. Fabulous and fun for the kiddos! Easy for parents too! I like the idea of keeping the overflow of good toys in closet to be brought out to keep interesting.

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