Portola Valley Relocation

Our relocation services are a favorite of mine because I love having the opportunity to unpack and organize a home efficiently from the start.  When a client is moving into a new home or a major remodel is involved, we are often brought in during the planning and building phases to help with the storage design and plan. This Portola Valley project is one of those cases.

I began working with this client six years ago at their former home in Los Altos.  I was called to reorganize her kitchen and over the years we made our way through the entire house.  With the addition of twins, two children turned into four and it became time to start looking for a larger ‘forever’ home.  She sure found it!

This stunning estate has quite the wow factor with beautiful views of a local preserve and tons of room for the kids to run wild. I was able to see the home a few times during the course of the remodel, and loved every minute of it!  She kept many of the original features, and added even more charm with details including reclaimed brick in the pantry, antique light fixtures and hardware throughout, and antiques from the time period when this home might have been built –  some of which she purchased at Kuzak’s Closet estate sales!

Our relocation services are well-loved by clients because they make moving seem magical! We handle everything from packing, to coordinating the mover, to unpacking and installing organizing products all within a five day time frame, even for huge relocations like this one.

For this relocation project we scheduled a few pre-move purging sessions with our client just to make sure once the full Kuzak’s Closet crew came in to pack we wouldn’t be bringing any unwanted clutter behind. Since we’ve worked with her over the last six years and we were able to be apart of the construction process it was easy to pick which zones would be critical to touch gain just before the move. We scheduled these sessions within a few weeks of the move and then hit the ground running with our typical Monday-Friday relocation schedule. Monday is packing, Tuesday the professional moving company moves furniture and packed boxes over, Wednesday and Thursday are unpacking, and Friday is product install and fine tuning.  It sounds simple when I spell it out that way but a lot can happen in a week! Typically relocations are along days for us but we love every minute of it.

In today’s post I’ll be sharing some of my favorite afters from this project. Normally I would also try to include some behind the scene shots but we were all spread out throughout the property so I didn’t get a chance to take many. I personally spent most of my time in the kitchen, master closet, and the laundry room. Taylor, Tammy, Sarah, Cole, Billy, Ese, and John also worked on this project with me, it takes a village!

Her closet is a dream space! The chandelier wasn’t hung yet but you can still get an idea of how beautiful this space is.  The custom white cabinets with tons of hidden storage really make it feel like a dressing room.  I personally love the wall paper on the ceiling and all of the glass front cabinets on the top.

We used ivory huggable hangers to lighten up this space and were able to repurpose bins and baskets from their old house which was nice.

Gotta love a shoe gallery wide enough for 2 pairs side-by-side! All too often these are only measured for 1.5 pairs on a shelf and who wants to look at that?

Lockable jewelry drawers take up space in the closet floor plan but they encourage you to wear what you have because you can easily see it all.

His closet is adjacent and has a different look and feel with cedar shelving.  I love the window seat with shoe storage underneath.

The master bathroom has a gorgeous soaking tub and dual vanities.  I’ll let the designer share the decor photos when she is ready, I was hoping she would have updated her online gallery prior to my post you could you see the design and decor as it flows with the organized systems we have in place.  Until then you’ll have to imagine!

This is his side…

And the drawers on her side…

We installed drawer organizers to keep likes with likes and help our client fight the urge to fill up the large drawers with unnecessary items.

With current interior design trends it’s all about built-ins vs. dressers and the oldest child’s room is on point.  She has a wonderful view and a large bathroom but all of her storage is in the closet so we had to be smart to set up zones that she can maintain.

With this being an older home it was critical to install custom closets and you guessed it, Karin from Valet Custom Cabinets came to the rescue! I was able to refer her to our client when the house was still down to the studs so there was ample time to get the perfect product installed prior to our move-in date.

In a large home like this it’s smart to use matching hangers throughout to make the laundry process that much more efficient.  We were able to use the same adult size hangers in the oldest’s room, the three younger children will need to wait a few years before this upgrade.

With the closet size and optimal door configuration actual drawers were not an option.  The plus side of this is that the shelves are extra visual and a low-cost basket or bin can provide the same function as a drawer.

The second oldest was not thrilled to move to our goal was to recreate the bedroom from the old house at his new house.  Sarah was in charge of this space and she went to the level of photographing all of his “buddies” in place on the top bunk so she could recreate how he had them setup.

This is one of the youngest’s rooms and it turned out just as sweet as she is! It’s the smallest room in the house but she won’t notice with her built-in bunk packed with storage shelves and drawers. She had plenty of room to pull toys out of her closet and play on the floor.


She has her own bathroom, fancy and free at the age of 5! Cute new touches like the wallpaper tub surround compliment original features like the penny tile floor and the vanity that features simple storage.

Perfect for her to grow into!

Onto the kitchen is a mix of new and old which gives it personality and depth. The antique cabinet featuring a beautiful ironstone collection is fantastic!

The rest of the kitchen features floor to ceiling cabinets that surround a giant kitchen island. It was a bit of a puzzle once the kitchen boxes were unpacked but it was a fun challenge.  Our client loves to cook and entertain so it’s important that everything has a home that makes sense not only for her but for friends and family who will be helping in the kitchen.

I love the gray cabinets and the sliding upper cabinet doors!  Glass fronts are a brave move, especially in a kitchen this large so the key to keeping it look clean and uniform is simple glassware and dishware.  She went with very basic glass and acrylic for the patio…

And white on white on white with the dishware.

I bought these bamboo drawer organizers for their Los Altos kitchen 6 years ago and they were well worth the investment!

The pantry is just off the kitchen and it also has lot of antique charm.  I featured all of the details in a recent blog post showcasing the space so check that out here.

This space is visual and functional with pull out shelving and smart storage on the doors for canned goods and goodies that are used on the daily.

The living room is bright and sunny with more antique furniture and decor.  It was fun to spot some of the sterling silver entertaining items that she bought at our Fancy & Fine Lafayette Estate Sale on the shelves.


She was able to snag a pair of stoneware lamps from that sale as well.  They were my favorite item from that sale so I was glad to see them come full circle with a new life.

Somehow during the course of the relocation Taylor managed to set up a new file system! I’m only sharing this photo as a reminder to keep you label tabs on a single side!

The next highlight on my photo tour is the laundry room which is in an exterior cottage just off the kitchen.  It features storage and function for cleaning and household supplies, horseback riding jackets and boots, craft supplies, pool towels and blankets for patio entertaining.  When I started to unpack this room it was still in the process of being finished by the contractor.  I spent 6 hours transforming the boxes into sorted piles and as I put things in their place the lights, washer and dryers, and hardware was installed.  I felt like I was on a TV show!

I love this patio closet! It’s packed with pool towels, entertaining goodies, sunscreen, bug spray, and blankets for the fire pits!

The top shelve is reserved for extra hangers and drinks for the beverage fridge…

The cabinets are packed with overflow household and cleaning supplies on one side and craft supplies on another.

What a great space to work in and get creative in!

It’s pretty amazing that our clients went from having breakfast at their old house on Monday morning to hosting a party for 40 people at their beautiful new home on Friday night with the only evidence that a move happened was a change in address!

In addition to what you didn’t see in these photos is an attic for storage with a bonus play area we setup for the kids, two large garages, a mudroom, and much more. Let’s just say my hands were too busy organizing to stop and take photos of it all.  I hope the photos that I did take will give you inspiration to surround yourself with beautifully organized spaces this year!

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