Seattle Craft Room & Mud Room

Girls jut wanna have fun…and craft!

When our Seattle client gave us her priority list of zones that she wanted us to tackle on our recent organizing adventure and I saw that she had the craft room in the second slot, just behind the kitchen and way ahead of the master bedroom and closet, I knew she had the heart of gold.  Their new home was in the ballpark of 7,000 square feet, it was just days before Christmas, and starting a new school for three tweenagers was just around the corner.  To some, creating the perfect craft area would be  last on the list but it was smart that she had it ranked #2 on the list because it gave her girls an area to play in and enjoy while the dust settled in the rest of the house.

When we set up and organized craft rooms it’s all about the visual appeal.  I want the space to be functional, user friendly, and pretty.  This one space that all four of us (Sarah, Tammy, Taylor, and myself) tackled together because it had so many tiny moving parts.  We spent a few hours unpacking boxes, sorting through everything to get likes together with likes, purging out obvious clutter (broken, missing pieces, etc), and created a plan for storage so we could then contain the items to keep and label.

This craft room is in a multipurpose zone on the second floor of the home.  It’s just off the children’s rooms and the media room.  Half was built out with craft storage and a wrapping station, the other half was a laundry room with storage for household cleaning supplies and a cabinet we created for first aid and medication.

Here is one of the household storage cabinets for example…

Seattle Organized Laundry Room

And here is a quick video tour of the space just to give you better idea of the layout.


I wish I had taken more photos inside the cabinets, especially on the far right where the craft kits and supplies are stored.  Oh well, back to the pom poms! Once we completed the sort and purge (picture feathers and glitter all over), we used canisters in a variety of shapes and sizes to contain craft supplies.  The girls are really into slime right now, difficult to contain as you can only imagine so that is what you will see on the left side of the craft nook in tupperware containers.

I love these large glass canisters from The Container Store because they give the look and feel of a candy shop and that is what a craft room should feel like!

Our goal was to give them a template to get started with and add to as projects come and go.

Love it! 

I also love this to-die-for wrapping paper organizer.  Can you imagine having so much space that this could be a possibility! Now that I am living in 932 square feet it just feels uber luxurious!

Kuzak's Closet Beautifully Organized Seattle Craft Room

We noticed a lot of the party and gift supplies were packed into tubs that most likely came out of the basement at their former Los Altos home meaning they were rarely used.  To promote things being used up and enjoyed we put them on display in these great white bins from The Container Store.  I love this shape and size, it’s perfect for craft zones, bathrooms, and pantries and they are totally cost effective! We used more whimsical chalk labels because it’s in the girl-zone and chalk pens so they could be swapped out as things get used up.

And moving out of the craft room here is a quick peek at the downstairs mudroom.  I don’t have a ton of photos in this space because but I wanted to share the bins with matching trays that we used from The Container Store.  I love the tray idea to corral shoes and boots so they don’t just end up hidden in deep bins or all over the floor.

They are actually meant to be serving trays but they fit perfect in the space.  It’s always approved to use something for a different purpose than originally expected if you as me!

We used the larger version on the top cubbies for equestrian gear, hats, umbrellas, etc.

Well the only regret I have from this adventure is that I didn’t take more photos of the “after zones”.  As a side note, I always take photos quickly because it helps me notice if something is out of place or needs to be tweaked.  For this project I took photos as I did a final pass through each room so my goal isn’t to get photo perfection, it’s to make sure the space is perfect for the client. For this project I wish I had taken a bit more time to take more photos of each nook and cranny, there is really so much more that you can’t see but oh well, hopefully what I am sharing can inspire you to tackle an organizing project soon!

There are beautiful after photos from the kitchen and pantry from this Seattle organizing adventure coming soon so stay tuned!

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